Aeropostale Egypt Cairo Festival City2 sweatshirts

I bought a couple of sweatshirts from the shop, they got very loose after using them for a short while, I followed the washing instructions on the products . I went to the shop so they deal with my complaint. The assistant store manager Mr:Ramy el shatter told me that they were supposed to be handwashed which is not imprinted on the washing instructions and when i said that is not there on the instructions, he kept saying that i washed them in a wrong manner though he did not know the right instructions in the first place . Then they refused to take the items back and they told me that someone from the customer service will call me which has not happened so far, i submitted the complaint last friday. I am very surprised from the treatment i got from a corporate as huge as aeropostale, that is my first purchase from aeropostale and i hope it's not the last. But what happened with me is very wrong. one of the sweatshirts opened under the armpits which isnot a big deal for me though it is not my fault, the other one got realy loose which has become unusable for me. Thanks in advance for giving attention to my complain as i hope .

Jan 31, 2017

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