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Calgary, AB, Canada

I need to fly from Calgary, Canada to Sofia, Bulgaria the first two weeks of July (be back by 15 or 16th of July). I have enough miles collected and want to use them for this flight; so, I did check tow times the availability calendar (on May 29th and 30th) and a round - trip July 2nd - July 15th (with 2 stops) worked well. Now that I had checked and I was sure I could use my miles in this exact time frame, I booked my vacation (on May 30th) with my company. Then came back home and tried to book my flight- but it was unsuccessful, even tough the availability calendar on site was suggesting there are available flights, it refused to book it for me. Then I called aeroplan's customer support (today, May 31st) and they explained that these are "phantom seats" ?!
I am sorry, but the information on your web site is absolutely misleading and this is unethical. Now, that I have already booked my vacation relying on having to pay ~$750 for the round trip only, because of the misleading information on your website, I have to find another flight and all of them in this time frame cost more than $2, 000.
I expect that you suggest a solution to this situation.

Thank you,

May 31, 2017

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