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Complaint - disaster - multiple flights cancelled without notification

I would like to start this message by saying "what a disaster"! To put this in context, we have been planning this trip for over a year, booking multiple flights, transfers, hotels. There are connections and different hotels involved so all delayed or cancelled flights will affect the entire trip. My husband is a loyal air canada customer as you can see with his frequent flyer status. All of the issues I will list below have caused an enormous amount of stress and time spent on phone due to the lack of professionalism and management from either air canada, thai airways or aeroplan.

Note: we were leaving on december 25th 2017 - returning january 14th 2018 - all business class - booking #rbqnca

First incident: a couple of weeks prior to departure we started checking our flights, when to our horror realized that our flight coming back home from bangkok to brussels was no longer listed on the site. Without any notification or rebooking, thai air had cancelled the flight and had not notified us or put us on another flight back home. We called aeroplan and spent hours on the phone, while they apologized and tried to find us a spot on another flight because the new thai flight was full!!!
Second incident: december 25th, we board our first flight ac017 at 1:30pm. After 3 hours on the aircraft, we are informed that due to mecanical issues with the radios, we would need to get off the aircraft and that the flight would then reboard for a 6:30pm flight. At 6:30 pm the flight is cancelled and the commotion starts. We are sent back home with taxi vouchers to potentially return for a new flight the next morning at 11am. This complicates things for us as we had a hotel booked and paid for in shanghai and we would miss our connection to thailand the next morning which was at 8:15 shanghai time. We had also booked a transfer in bangkok from airport to hotel that would be missed. Upon arriving home, we start making phone calls to ensure we are put on a flight the next day with proper connections. Hours spent on the phone, some agents not so accommodating, especially aeroplan agents, stating that they would have to charge us if we made in other change!!! We didn't make any changes! You put us in this situation! We are now calling air canada, thai air, etc, it seems it is impossible to find us a connecting flight that make sense and remain on business class. This is a nightmare to say the least. A very expense trip we have been planning over a year and the amount of stress created the day of departure becomes un acceptable. Finally, after hours of trying, we find a connection... Not acceptable but no choice at this point. We lost a full day vacation, a hotel reservation and an airport-hotel transfer reservation. We finally finalize the call and hang up. As we again verify htat everything is aligned, we see that our flight coming back home from bangkok has once again dissappeared!!! Again, we start making calls. Its christmas and its late, places are closed. Without notification again, the flight was cancelled and rebooked. Seats were changed and flight was changed without any notification to us!.

Going on vacation should be stress free. This has been the worst experience we have ever had travelling. We are flying out today - hopefully. We expect some kind of compensation from air canada/aeroplan for all of this loss and nonsense!

Dec 26, 2017

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