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Montreal, Canada
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- Me and my family switched from TD rewards to TD Aeroplan customer in 2014 (3 cards).
- As a results, my hard earned TD rewards were converted to one of the Aeroplan Miles (Number: [protected])
- I switched back to TD rewards in Feb 2015 but couldn't convert back my Aeroplan miles to TD rewards.
- One day, upon trying to use the miles in March 2016, I noticed all my points (12, 638) were deducted by Aeroplan.
- Upon calling Aeroplan, I was told all miles (12, 638) have been expired and I to get the miles back I will have to pay $ 176.71.
- I was told an email was sent by Aeroplan on Dec 11 about inactivity of account but I confirmed back that I never received any email.
- Possible that email ended up in junk email and I explained to Aeroplan customer service but in vain.
- I tried calling Aeroplan multiple times, requested to talk to supervisor etc. but nothing happened.
- I am utterly frustrated with the situation and would like to get back my hard earned 12, 638 miles which are equivalent to $ 176.71.
- I would request you to get involved and resolve this situation at earliest.

Jan 18, 2017

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