AeroMexicoUnnecessary extra baggage costs

Dear aeromexico

Booking reference: [removed]

Yesterday (15/05/2017), my husband and I flew from london heathrow to mexico city on flight amx008. We brought our tickets on the 28th february 2017 and was informed that we would have 2 luggage each. We only booked with aeromexico for this reason as we are moving to argentina and needed the generous luggage as we fly with ethiopia airlines from hong kong to london because they offered 4 luggage’s. We needed more luggages so we paid for one extra luggage.

As you will see from the photos, the online confirmation states under our reservation code [removed] we were allowed 3 bags each. However, this did not make sense as I (Passenger: removed) should have 3 checked-in and my husband (removed) should have 2 checked-in luggage, so a total of 5 checked-in luggage.
On the day of departure we noticed that this was not the case. We went online and saw that aeromexico clearly states that aeromexico luggage allowance is for economy class for international flights is 2 pieces, each with max 50 lb (23kg), please see photo. And on your website it clearly states, under your important notes to passengers that passengers are allowed 2 pieces each.

So we called aeromexico in mexico to confirm our luggage allowance. They said we only had 1 check-in luggage each with one extra that we paid for, so a total of 3. We then called aeromexico uk and they told us the same thing. They said it would cost 260 uk pounds but online it was $55 us for the first extra luggage, but when we call aeromexico in mexico it was 200 uk pounds, all of this was very confusing and unclear. As we only had 8 hours before leaving the london we paid the 200 pounds.

When we arrived to heathrow, the check-in staff (Mr. [name removed]) said they we were allowed 2 pieces each. He then checked with another staff and then a supervisor and this was correct, it was also confirmed on the computer that we were allowed 2 pieces each. He apologised for the confusion, but we were very upset by this, as we wasted the whole of our last day in london calling around trying to sort out our luggage when we were right in the first place. Mr [name removed] told us that he would put all of this on our reservation so we can get a refund.

This is truly upsetting and incredibly infuriating, especially when the same company, both through your customer service, online and check-in staff all had different answers to such a simple issue that should be clear for all staff and passengers. Therefore, we are requesting a full refund of the 200 pounds as well as part of our flight ticket as this cost more than just our time, but this was the worst experience we have had with an airline. We are not happy to fly again to cuba and argentina with you as this has been a time-wasting experience and I truly hope that this will not happen on our next three flights with you.

We look forward to hearing from you swiftly.

Dr. [name removed] and [name removed]

May 16, 2017

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