Aeromexico / they wouldn't give me an other flight after they canceled the one that I was going to take.

San Francisco, CA, United States
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I was going on a flight from San Francisco to México city and they delayed the flight to two hours then 5 hours and they cancelled the flight. They told us to go to the front door and complain but then send as us to the gate where they again sened us back. They then told us to to go pick up our luggage and to go home and to come back the next week. We we all refused when they told us that they were not going to be found or tickets until a week from then. The left all the old people and children under 18 alone with out assistance. They didn't give anyone a hotel room to stay at everyone was left there to spend the night. And all fue worker's went home and left us with out assistance. The did give is another flight until the next day but only the ones that stayed there which is very unfair for the people that left. This was unfair unprofessional.

Jan 26, 2017

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