AeroMexico / luggage theft of 2 items

Guadalajara, Mexico, US

Date of flight: Nov. 18, 2017 @ 19:34
Flight # 786 (from Guadalajara to Fresno, CA)
Luggage Tag # OROZCO/SECUNDI AM [protected] FAT SEQ-082 AM 786

Luggage fee was paid at counter, When luggage was opened at home there were two items missing (1) a carton of Marborol cigarrets (2) a brand new green leather jacket still with tags attached to it . I have previously flew with your Company and I never had an issue where something was stolen from my luggage.

Would like get this issue resolved as soon as possible. You can contact me at: phone # [protected] or thru e-mail: [protected]

Thanking you ahead of time for your full cooperation and rapid responds to this matter.

Secundino Orozco

Nov 20, 2017

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