Aeromexico / cancelling return flight home without consent & customer service

Beenleigh, Queensland, Australia
Contact information:

Name – brent barr

Original booking information – jz45qj (E-ticket attached)

I was delayed at us immigration for several hours which resulted in me missing my original connecting flight to mexico city (With aeromexico).In the process of putting me onto the next connecting flight - somehow my whole return ticket back to australia was cancelled which I only found out 2 days before returning home for christmas.

Below are the events of what happened beginning at lax on december 1, 2016.

1) arrived at customs/immigration at lax (Confirmation number zh3xct).

2) I was brought into a separate room to answer a few questions by boarder security.

3) after everything was sorted - an immigration officer gave me a slip to give to aeromexico for my onward flights to be fixed due to being interviewed (See photo attached). I was advised that this is a standard procedure as people miss there connecting flights often when held by immigration.

4) this whole process was from 7am-1pm

5) I went straight to the aeromexico desk. As we missed our 9:15am flight (Confirmation number gsvkgi) they advised that both my girlfriend and I could get on the next flight to mexico city. Aeromexico kept my piece of paper from immigration stating I missed my flight due to being interviewed (Photo attached).

6) my bags were checked in for the next flight. When issuing my boarding pass, aeromexico advised I need to do two more steps before I could get on the flight - go to the qantas desk in a seperate terminal for them to issue a 'fim' (Flight interruption manifest) and then come back to aeromexico with the fim to get a new boarding pass. As you can see on the bottom of the boarding pass it states 'not valid' (Photo attached). The fim is a handwritten paper form with a carbon copy which was to be stapled to the boarding pass.

7) we then waited until qantas in lax opened up at 4pm and spoke to a man named victor and a lady who was the supervisor. They took a very long time issuing the ‘fim’ as neither of them really did this before. They then issued a paper with the 'fim' to give back to aeromexico with the new flight details.

8) when I returned to aeromexico - the staff were unable to accept the paper form as I was only given 1 carbon copy by qantas. The aeromexico manager was then called and he advised the staff and I that qantas need to give me 2 x carbon copies of the ‘fim’ forms because 1 x copy stays at lax and another stays in mexico city when boarding the connecting flight to cancun being the end destination.

I had to walk back to qantas again to get this fixed therefore missing my flight even though my bags had already been loaded on to the plane.
When I returned to qantas, I talked to the same staff members and advised them that they need to give me 2 x carbon copies of the fim for aeromexico and I presented them with the new flight information from aeromexico that had to be written on the new ‘fim’. They followed the procedure I told them and they wrote void on the previous fim papers.

I then returned to aeromexico and had to wait a few hours for their desk to reopen. I presented the new information and was able to board the next flight lax-mexico city at around 11pm that night.

9) in mexico city I went to the aeromexico desk where they printed me a new boarding pass (Photo attached) for the mexico city-cancun flight and kept the remaining carbon copy of the ‘fim’. I then met my girlfriend gladys who was already at mexico city airport who also had my bag.

10) we then both took the same mexico city-cancun flight.

11) a few days later on december 9th while we were in talum, we contacted aeromexico, qantas and flightcentre (Our travel agency) to enquire on changing my return flights home. Qantas being the original airline we booked through advised that they were unable to access the booking since aeromexico made changes to the connecting flights at lax.
Qantas gave us instructions for what was needed to be done by aeromexico to allow qantas to make changes to the original booking.

12) we called aeromexico and the agent on the phone couldn't locate the booking even though all the booking information was correct. The agent then started answering all of our questions with 'you need to contact qantas'.

13) we then called flight centre 24/7 assist. They tried helping us but were unable to get through to aeromexico to walk them through on what needed to be done. Nothing was resolved and we kept running around in circles as everyone kept pointing us in a different direction. Qantas kept telling us to talk to aeromexico and vice versa.

14) we then travelled to cuba on a separate booking with aeromexico. After hours of trying ourselves plus the endless effort put in by family members and my travel consultant in australia - the ticket information still couldn't be retrieved. Wi-fi and communication is extremely limited in cuba and as we were doing a tour it was quite difficult to stay in consistent communication to try and change my flights home.

15) after spending large amounts of money on wi-fi cards and telephone cards and continuously calling aeromexico which always rung out when calling them from cuba. After countless hours on the phone - my travel agent had finally found out that aeromexico reissued the complete value of my ticket on the first leg of my trip which had cancelled out my return ticket home (Email screenshots attached). I found this information out on december 20th when my original return flight home departed cancun on december 23rd.

16) I then had to book a complete new one way flight home on the spot to make it home for christmas which left havana the following day on december 21st which cost $2035.38 aud. Plus overnight accommodation in london which cost $96.59 aud. This one way flight cost more than my original return flight!
Due to this I also had to forfeit the following which had already been paid for.
1 night accommodation in havana - $72.90 aud
1 night accommodation in cancun - $107.34 aud
Returning flight havana – cancun - $184.20 aud – aeromexico confirmation number bvkzzx
Returning flight sydney – brisbane - $117.00 aud – tiger booking ref number cyhgsq

All in all it was an extremely exhausting experience and in all honesty it wasn't handled in the best manner. I lost count the amount of time spent going back and forth with my travel agent, family and airlines in an effort to sort this out. Even at lax I forgot how many times I had to walk back and forth from each terminal playing messenger for the both aeromexico and qantas. Neither airline wanted to communicate directly to the other with a simple phone call. Let alone the stress this created and overbearing thought of it all throughout the whole duration of the holiday. Several times I had to miss my cuban tour activities due to having to sit in a public area trying sort out my return flights via wifi and public phones. This has also resulted in unnecessary financial hardship.

I ask that aeromexico please reimburse me with the costs I had to pay including new flights and accommodation, plus the money I lost for being forced to forfeit my flights and accommodation as per listed above due to their wrong doing. This comes to a total of $2613.41 aud. I also have emails of back and forth communication between myself, family members and my travel agent and if needed.

Brent barr


Dec 30, 2016

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