Aeroflotchick in luggage

I sri souvick sen travelled from geneva to delhi with my wife amrita joydeep ghose on 21.11.2018 in flight number su2381n and su232n. When I landed in delhi the officials told me that my luggage has not been delivered to delhi airport so after filling in the required address and customs form, aeroflot will send me my luggages which are 2 in numbers to my home address. But now your official has called me and they are telling either to receive my luggage from the nearest airport which is bhubaneshwar, or it will take 7 days to reach to my home address by road. I had valuable items and clothes on both these luggages so would like to receive my luggage as soon as possible. Please kindly see into this matter, since this is the first time happening to me. Thanking you.

Nov 21, 2018

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