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A&E Factory Service / worst experience in my life

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This company does not care about customer satisfaction. It seems that they go out of their way to make it the worst experience in your life.

1. Very money hungry

2. No training to employees

3. Reps on phone are incompetent

4. Upon request, still No calls from Customer Relations.

5. They lie.

I would like to tell you about our experience with A&E.

DAY 1 - The tech comes out to diagnose the problem. Takes the temperature of our freezer because it would not hold temperature. Then tries to remove the panel in the freezer but unable to, so finally says the problem is the control panel. I said "how do you know". He says "that is always the case with these refrigerators". I questioned him not knowing anything about refrigerators because his diagnosis seemed suspicious. We went back and forth with the questions and so of course, we ordered the control panel. A different tech arrives to install it. She says "based on her experience, the control panel usually does not malfunction", so she installed a thermoster and to call back if the problem persists. Of course, it is still a problem so we call back to get an appointment. An appointment was scheduled between 1 - 5pm. We waited and about 4:45 pm, we get a call from the company that the tech had gone home for the day and we need to reschedule. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I thought it was a joke. We complained to the rep, and the supervisor but nothing could be done, according to them, so we rescheduled. Now from this point on, we have gone without a freezer for 3 weeks because it took 10 business days for the part and we've gone through 2 techs. Upon rescheduling, I had asked for a certified tech that knows the type of refrigerator we have. According to the rep, all techs are certified but I found out from one of the many reps that I had contacted, that the tech we need is a CFC certified tech. Now this guy knows what he is doing. I am very happy to mention his name (Mario) ID#0606103. He is a very experienced worker and very articulate on the process and operations of our refrigerator. He explained the problem, but unfortunately we need to order a different part. The part came from Indianapolis and it took 4 business days to arrive. We have a scheduled appointment and requested for the same tech but the rep could not guarantee the same tech. Now that seems very odd. The tech (Mario) that diagnosed the problem may not come back to install the part even upon request. I was even willing to wait 5 - 10days if we must, to get Mario back, but the rep could only input our request and it may not be granted. So we left it at that. Then the appointment day came and I received a call from the rep, and she asked if we received the parts. I said yes and asked who is scheduled to do the repair. She said it was the 1st tech that came out which we were very disappointed with. I asked why cuz we requested for a CFC certified tech, and looking into the notes, Mario's name was included so I was ecstatic. Couple hrs later, the 1st tech arrived but no Mario. So, I called the rep and she said there is no one else scheduled. We went back and forth and so I suggested to call routing. She came back and said that I was right and Mario was scheduled too. Now if this tech was competent, she would have called routing herself but unable to process the situation and apply critical thinking, she just kept saying that the system shows only 1 tech. Anyways, both techs came and Mario was right. The refrigerator works fine but the service and the reps, they just don't care. You take off from work to accommodate their schedule and they don't even show up. That is very unprofessional. Then we have to adjust our schedule for a tech that is not even qualified to the work. The reps know what kind of refrigerator we have, so send someone who is familiar with that kind of refrigerator. I am very tired and frustrated with their service. I hope those with problems know what they are getting themselves into if they were to call this company. Of course, this is just an anectode of our story, I could go on in detail but it would just waste my precious time venting. Words really cannot express my disappointment.

P.S. They lied about calling and leaving messages. We did not receive any messages from them.

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      15th of Aug, 2008
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    a&e made me take off a day of work and told me they called no one aneswerd the phone that is not true at all I lost a day of pay and they did not care at all I called the service # and they gave me a&e I knew this was going to be bad but i forgot that i needed m&w not A&e but they gave me a&e I never called them any more now my dryer was not drying at all the man came out I his name was i dont know A&E only gave me his tech#0537654 he told me it was the timer for the heating element when he gets there to my house he changed that part then he is on the phone trying to fix my dryer and then he says it is the motor my dryer was working it was not the motor and then he changed the motor that he had in the truck that was shipped to a house to belle chasse louisiana ups said they left on the pouch of that address now that motor was put in my dryer and now the dryer sounds like a freight train and now it is taken to long to dry clothes I did not have these two other promblems til a&e touch my dryer and the sides of the dryer is pushed in and it was not like that before . so I called the address on the motor and the lady told me to throw it away .her husband fixs dryers now why would they say throw it way this company is not helping people I think they are useing parts over and over and getting paid for new ones we need help to get these people now i got to use them again to try to fix my dryer

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