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A&E Factory Service / washer

1 PA, United States

A&E is a joke as a repair service. in our area they only have one service time available 8AM to 5PM. so i have to take a day off from work to be available the whole day. our washer moves around like crazy and will not complete a spin cycle without us holding it down. all he did was level the front legs. then he watched the washer go through a spin cycle and complete it with no clothes in it, still moving around like crazy. and commented, "wow that sure is moving around a lot, i haven't really seen a shake that much before." then he lied about it on the receipt and said that the service was offered (leveling legs) and the customer DECLINED it. i didn't read it til after he left.

our washer still would not complete a spin cycle if we put any clothes in it. then when i called to complain about it and set up another appointment because our washer still did not complete a spin cycle, there was no response from the person. they just wanted to know if i would like to go ahead and set up my appointment. i said no because i was angry and the lack of understanding and called back to talk to another representative. she told me their service was under warranty for 90 days and i would not have to pay another $65 house fee.

so i called back when i could take another day off from work to have it serviced after we tried a few things to fix it ourselves. and I was told that because no service had been provided (according to the LIE on the receipt that i had DECLINED serivice), it was only a 30 day warranty and i would have to pay the $65 house fee again. i try to explain to this representative that the technician lied on the receipt and NO service was actually offered, again no response they just want to know if i'd like to go ahead and set up the appointment. i tell her no because they did service it, the receipt is wrong and the warranty should be good for 90 days i'm not going to pay another $65 house fee. i don't want an incompetent technician to come out and pretend to fix things for $65.

i talked to a friend who has rented property for a long time and used frontloaders like ours. it described the problem. she says oh i used to have that problem a lot with mine. it's a strut in the machine that needs to be replaced. it's not that the machine isn't level or the fact that it's on a 2nd floor. it shouldn't move around like that, and the technician should have know that was the issue.

ridiculous. i'm filing a formal complaint with A&E Factory Services and will probably report them to the Better Business Bureau for incompetent service.


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