Advantage Rent A Car A Hertz Company / charge for car damage caused not by me

Summary of the complaint:
I was charged, probably by mistake, for 160 EURO for damage probably caused by somebody else. The charge for the "damage" was sent 35 days after the vehicle was returned and about 20 days after receiving the final rental charge (21 days after returning the car).

I rented a car from HERTZ in DEBRETZEN, Hungary, via the web site RENTALCARGROUP (or CAR TRAWLER site), for one day starting 4.9.2017.
The total rental cost was $57.17, from which $13.44 direct pre-payment to CAR TRAWLER and the rest of the rental price of $43.73 (or 37 EURO) to be paid directly to HERTZ.
I took the car on 4.9.2017 at 10:30 AM and returned it on 5.9.2017 at 10:20 AM with a full fuel tank and no new damage.
At the time of receiving the car, a HERTZ representative was present, who filled the Check-In report and recorded the vehicle's kilometer counter and the current damages to the vehicle.
On the date of return of the vehicle, there was no HERTZ representative to receive and inspect the vehicle and to fill-up the Check-out report, as it is customary and normal conduct when the car is returned at a normal working day and regular working hour. Therefore, the keys and vehicle documents were returned to the receptionist of the hotel in which the HERTZ agency is located and I parked the car in the hotel parking reserved for the HERTZ.
On 26.9 my Credit Card was charged by HERTZ for 47.07 EURO as the final rental charge. Since the charge was too high, I submitted a complained to CAR TRAWLER, and on 10.10.2017 Hertz returned 10.01 EURO to my Credit Card.
The "big surprise" was that on the same date HERTZ charged my Credit Card additional charge of 160 EURO, without supplying any reason or explanation.
Only at 03.11, after complaining to Car Trawler, Hertz responded that the reason for the extra charge of 160EURO was the car damage cause by me.

The main reasons proving why the damage was not caused by me:

The documents sent by HERTZ (find attached the return report and car picture) reinforce my claim that the damage to the vehicle was caused after being leased to something else after me.
• When I saw the photograph of the car sent to me from HERTZ, I immediately noticed that the car was not in the parking lot I had left it when returning it.
• In the "Check out and Check in Report", one of the "Date" fields at the end of the report next to the inspector's signature is unclear and illegible, and other 2 Date field are not filled at all, which is suspect by itself.
• The return time that appears in the return report is 10:08, which is earlier than 10:20, the time stamp in the card I received from the automatic machines when I entered the HERTZ parking lot (find it attached), which proves that the report was not filled on the day of return.
• The charge for damage to the car was sent to me only after 35 days after the return of the vehicle, and only after 20 days after the final charge for the rental.
The fact that I received from HERTZ the final account for the rental 15 days after the return of the vehicle without requiring extra payment for damage to the car proves that Hertz did not found any damage to the car caused during the period I rented it.
Does it seem normal to discover so called damages to the car after such a long period of time?

All the above arguments prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the damage to the car was not caused by me, but only after I returned it.
I would like to point out that I am a pensioner of IBM, who had a Company rented car while working for IBM and who I used rented carr many times during my travels, including from HERTZ.
The fact that I did not take care to photograph the vehicle at the time of the return was because I knew I was returning the car without any new damage I caused.
I did not find it necessary to take care of proof, especially when I trusted the integrity of a large and respected company like HERTZ.
Sorry to mention that Hertz at Debrecen Hungary failed in providing service level according to the company high standards, because no HERTZ representative was present to receive and inspect the returned vehicle at 5 of Sept. at 10:30AM, at a normal and regular day and hour of work.

HERTZ has all the documents to perform an objective check to see when the vehicle was rented again after I returned it and who is responsible for causing the damage.

In any case, I am willing to be tested by polygraph on the truth of my version, provided that HERTZ pays for the test if the test will find that I am right.

Thanks in advance for your investigation,

A. Feuerstein
phone [protected]

I can't send the files I want to attach because they are TIF and PDF files, formats that you are not accepting.
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    I can't send the files I want to attach because they are TIF and PDF files, formats that you are not accepting.
    Please send me your Email to send you the attachments.

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