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Bald Tires, 3 days till response

I rented a car from Advantage Rental center in Las Vegas McCarren Airport. I did the walk around on my own...

Advantage Rental Car Las Vegas

Deceptive practices

We booked a reservation for a car at Advantage in San Antonio. We specifically told them we didn't want to buy insurance coverage because we already have a policy that covers rental cars. The agent gave us a form and pointed to each box we needed to initial in order to NOT buy the coverage. Our daughter was in line for a car after us, and she said the same thing, and the agent again told her to initial the same boxes that we did. When we returned our car, after the agent processed everything and charged our credit card, he handed us the invoice. There was a charge of $103.96 for insurance! When we told him we had specifically said we did NOT want the insurance when we rented the car, he pointed to the form where we put our initials and said that those initials authorized them to charge us for insurance! Later that day my daughter turned in her car, and the very same thing happened to her. When we returned from our trip, I searched customer reviews on Advantage, and there were countless complaints from customers who had said they didn't want insurance coverage but were charged anyway (with the justification that we had initialed authorization). So this their policy is apparently this: When customers state they do not want insurance, tell them to initial the boxes that authorize buying the coverage, hoping they won't question the directions. Appalling! We will never rent from Advantage again!

  • Do
    Don Tarr Jul 24, 2014

    Supplemental insurance is a huge profit maker for rental companies, so they push hard. READ WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING!

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incorrect charges

We arrived at the San Jose Airport in California, we had previously set up a reservation for an economy car at a specific price. When went to pick up the car they told us they didn't have the car we reserved so we had to upgrade. They charged us for this. Then they quoted us a price for the days we rented. We asked them if we could drop the vehicle off at a different airport and they said that was fine no extra charge, and we could drop it off after the office is closed again no extra charge. They also told us we would get a discount for either military, USAA, AAA, or AARP as we qualify for all, discount was never on our receipt. We got charge full price with add ons for different airport drop off, fuel tax, drop off after closing of office, upgrade, service charge? Ca tourism fee ( my wife was born and raised in CA. In all the quote was $450.00 we ended up paying $853.00 Total ripoff, never will use this company or recommend them.

out rageous prices after you rented the car

Your sevice center at 2170 Mannheim Rd in Des, Plains need to be reorganization my conformation #Fo722491187 vehicle 1594/3079357 pick car up April 22 return it April 24th, 2011 pd for insurance and 1/2 tank gas before pulling out my bill was for 101.58 car windows leak entire time we travel to Danvill Ill and back the doors didn't lock return car told the service rep. she took statement, so felt maybe the mechanic overlook problem week later rent another smal car vehicle 01594/3079357 it was much nicer the car that is took car out 5/13-return it 515/2011 ran little behind stop too, filled the tank to were it was 1/8 tank get into return keys no problem turn aound went back in to speak with a customer service teenager she rude couln't explain to me what the charges to it from 80.00 to 107.. so spoke to someone else she say the charge me to put gas in car, why I agree to supply car back with the gas I used I never ask for her to charge me then he said charged me for being late I was suppose be there at 8:pm I got there at 8;30 ok it says 3.15 ex hour on my print out she charged me 27.84 then 24.00 for gas in qwhich I put the gas back in the car. one thing too, charge person for item that was not requested then today I get my chase billed I'm charge $221.00 dollards for 1st rental and no one wants to explain for what my 1st rental went fom 164.00 to 221.00 can you or someone tell me what is unessary charges for and why.

left stranded

We rented a car through Advantage rent a car, on Travelocity. My flight info was entered. It said that this company meets delayed flights. As our plane left the gate they saw a low oil light on and had to pull back into the gate. We never got off the plane. We arrived at 12 18 am, instead of 11 45 pm. I went to the car rental counters. There was no one there. A girl at the Hertz counter was closing up after renting out a car. I asked her if they were on break or someting. She said No, they left at midnight. What was I going to do? The airport was abandoned. I needed to drive to Iowa City. My sister reserved the car for me because she was at home with her 11 month old and three year old. Her husband has been deployed. She probably wouldn't even hear the phone. I called Travelocity. The man at customer service called the local Advantage, he ofcourse got no answer. He called their customer service line. He talked to them first, then would come back to me. Which is good because I was hysterical and probably wouldn't have said anything that made any sense. He said that the counter was closed for the night. He suggested taking a taxi to a hotel and coming back in the morning. I had no cash. I knew I couldn't afford that. I asked him if the car company was going to pay for that, my response was they couldn't guarantee it. I asked if they could call someone in to get my car. They couldn't. The travelocity customer service eventually transferred me to Advantage customer service. I spoke with that woman for awhile. Asking the same questions, and not hearing an answer I liked. I finally called my mother. She told me to go to those one call kiosks and find a hotel that had a 24hr shuttle. The Des Moines Holiday Inn gave me a ride and a room. The drivers were nice even though I couldn't tip them. The front desk clerk said the rental car companies do this all the time. I went to sleep at 2 am and was up at 7 to go back to the airport. The girl there said they usually wait, and she had left a note telling them to wait. I had taken medication to calm myself down, so I wasn't irate. I told her I was really upset that this happened. She apologized. She showed me the rental agreement. I asked her if there was anything she could do for me. She got the manager and told him what happened. He was very calm about it and said he would address it. He said he would give me a day free. Which becuase this was an economy car was like 17 dollars. When we finally got to the car I was a little disappointed that it had manual locks and windows. But I knew it was cheap, so we went on our way. I was ten minutes on the highway when I was searching for cruise control and couldn't find it. I couldn't believe it, I asked them for directions to I 80 they asked where I was going. They knew I had a two hour drive. They didn't even think about the fact that cruise control would be necessary? When I got to my sister's I searched my reciept for a local branch #. There wasn't one. I went online and emailed every Advantage email I could get a hold of. No one EVER responded. NO ONE! When I finished my trip and returned the rental car, I had to wait at the counter for 5 minutes before an agent came. She was outside. I told her that I had been abandoned, she said "Oh yeah, I heard about that, " I told her I would like the mgr to call me becuase 17 dollars was nothing on the 140 I had to spend on the hotel for five hours. She said ok. I never heard from the manager. My calf had a cramp the rest of that day, no cruise control!

  • Ki
    King1970 Sep 28, 2010

    Tell me at least it had a sunroof, built-in GPS and an I pad hookup...WAKE UP's an economy car not a Cadillac Escalade...IDIOT.

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  • Jo
    jose cuervo Jul 22, 2011

    We made a car rental reservation 0n June /03 /2011, after waiting for 20 minutes at the airport for the shuttle to take us to the car rental location, the salesperson keep pushing us to buy more car insurance, even after we told him that we have purchased car insurance in advance, after 20 minutes of arguing we didn't buy more car insurance, but he put a $450.00 hold on my credit card, I couldn't cancel the reservation because I was already at my destination, and it would of cost me 3 times as much to do a new reservation .
    We picked up the car on July 07, 2011 the car was dirty inside and out and also smelly .
    This is the worst car rental company, don't rent with this people.

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  • Gl
    Glawsny Jun 15, 2016

    Be careful, this company has rude staff and untrained personnel ... lack professional customer service attitude.
    They wanted me to pay $250.00 for "detailing / cleaning" the car upon return. I went to a garage and vacuumed the car and upon return to Advantage Car Rental, they checked the car again and said they would only $100.00 to clean the car. The counter staff kept me waiting another 35 minutes and were rude. I had to catch a flight so I couldn't wait any longer and told them I would contact their customer service department and they said, "THEY CAN'T HELP" we make our on decisions. I was charged and extra $117.56 on my credit card and now I am taking my complaint to MasterCard.
    I will NEVER rent from this outfit again and advise everyone else to be aware of this "SCAM" mess of a company.

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  • An
    annnd Jun 15, 2016

    Here is the letter of complaint I sent to them. Kevin "manager of Colorado" "the only one in Denver " when asked his name- is a rude pompus person with customer service skills of a gnat.

    Refusing to give name and number of superior gave me email this is the letter:I am letting you know how ineffective your "manager of the state of Colorado" is.

    I rented a car through orbitz. which I will pass along to them. which got me to Advantage. I have never heard of it and there may be good reason.

    My experience with this organization started with arrival to Denver airport, December 14th . Due to broken technology it took 45 minutes in line to rent a car. Many people were frustrated and angry. I felt bad for what I thought was a momentary misfortune for the company. Figuring it wasn't intentional.

    I returned the car on December 17th. No problems as far as I knew.

    On December 18th or 19th I couldn't figure out why the $200 hold was still on my account. I called American Express and they told me to try to contact advantage first. I did. I tried a number on the american express site, advantage's website. I got to Denver and New York City and not sure if another number. I was on hold multiple times twice for at least 45 minutes and never was able to reach a person. I believe I emailed at that time as well and never recieved any contact to figure out the $200 charge. So I called American Express back and they filed a dispute. At the end of December. I moved from Florida to Denver. During this time I found keys in a pocket of a winter coat. In florida it isn't something I wore so it was put away for 2 weeks. When I found them I wondered if that was realted to the charge. I emailed the company again trying to reach someone. No response.

    I finally got a response10-16 days later from "the manager or Colorado" who is not at liberty to give out his name, thankfully he is "the only Kevin in Denver".

    When he called he told me sorry I could sent them back but he couldn't reverse the $200 dollar charge. I was very frustrated that this is the first contact and that is my first response. I am sure my voice was clear that I was irritated. He immediately cut me off and told me "stop right there and don't yell at me". I did stop righ there cause I thought "wow this is a person involved with customer service" and he immediatly lectures me about my tone a voice though I didn't even know I had the keys and was unable to make human contact with anyone to find out and he tells me a message was left on my phone number which he verifed and was correct. I said I'm not quesitoning you and I realize another person may enter notes but I assure you I did not get a message from advantage". He then procedes to tell me "well I think that's about it now you are questioning my integrity".

    I am stunned this is a manager? Really there are no better choices in this market? WOW!

    He refused to give me his name and did give me this email when I asked for his manager, quite obviously in another location than CO. Since he is in charge or the state. Sorry that fact just keeps boggling my mind!!

    I think you should let me return the keys for my deposit. It did not cost you $200 . NO one told me I had them. No one told me they weren't there when i turned in the car. No one called me and told me. No one left me a message and no one answered the phone on multiple occasions when I tried. I tried multiple option in the phone tree to reach ANY HUMAN. NONE!

    I am amazed that you can survive in business with practices like this.

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Did not honor rental agreement

Booked a rental car via travelocity. Encountered the "bait and switch" tactic used by Advantage Car Rental and apparently approved by Travelocity. ACR refused to give me the car type I reserved; ACR would not rent me another car type without charging more money. I refused, I went to another car rental co. instead.Travelocity did very little to address this issue. I will not use Travelocity or Advantage Rental Car nor would I recomend them.

Stole my GPS

We rented two cars from Advantage for our company staff. On return, we arrived late for our flight and in a hurry, left a large sized GPS device (Magellan RoadMate 1700) in the car.

There is absolutely no way the Asian staff who took back the car could have missed that device (8" wide by 4.5" tall). We have called FOUR times including to the Phoenix station manager and they promise to call back and no one does. I just want everyone to know and beware that Advantage is not dealing with Lost and Found correctly and they are acting in a dishonest manner. They may be protected by the legal fine print on their contract but they must not allow their staff to live a dishonest life and cheat their customers daily. The GPS should be returned. All I can do is to ensure that although we have rented from Advantage at least 30 times in the past year, we never do that again under our company and to let other renters know. HERTZ & ADVANTAGE ARE the double-dishonest companies.

Terrible company

Got to denver, took 45 minutes to get the bus and three hours in line to get the car. Didn't have the car I reserved and tried for 10 minutes to get me to upgrade, holding up everyone else. Finally gave me the upgrade because that was all they had and the air conditioning didn't work.

Billing and Service

This was my worst car rental experience of all time. Every step of the way. I rented a car through...

Bad experience

Horrible doesn’t begin to describe my experience. I had originally reserved a compact car online for the KC Airport. Casey at the service desk informed me that they did not have any cars in this class left (at noon). HOWEVER, for an additional $30/d I could receive what they did have remaining. I rejected the offer and was informed I would have to wait, potentially hours until the next size came in. I chose to wait. In the mean time, I was told I would have to pay $10/d for an additional driver though the website indicates a military rental would have no added charge for this feature. As I continued to wait, Casey made no attempt to remedy the situation, rather disappearing apparently for break and clearly avoiding the situation. As I was flying on military orders, I did not have the time to play around with this ridiculous situation. In the meantime, I had my husband search online for the available car pricing and found that I could get it for $10 additional for the entire week rental. I then spoke to Hussein who indicated that I would have to pay double the original quote for the next available size rental (which is a different rate than Casey quoted). When I indicated the website quoted a different price, he said I should go ahead and book it, "If its really that cheap". Offended but stranded in Kansas City, I had no other choice. My husband booked the reservation and I promptly left with a rental. Having never rented from Advantage before, I found the customer service non-existent and staff unwilling to try to work with my circumstances. If this is the level of customer service that advantage finds acceptable, its a company I will chose to avoid. Additionally, I will make sure all that I know hear about this experience so that they too may avoid such an unpleasant circumstance.

False claim against me

I rented a Hyundai Sonata on January 30th at about 11 AM in the morning. I waved all insurace coverage and drive off onto Toute 528 Towards Orlando. afew minutes later I had a flat tire. I had to change the tire on this very busy highway and return the vehicle about an hour later. The car was checked in and the flat tire was noted. I was given a free upgrade (Convertable PT Cruiser) for my troubles and returned this car with no further incident on February 3rd, four days later. That was the last I heard or thought about this.
On March 3rd one month later I received a call from Subrogation Management Team located in San Antonio TX. They informed me that they were pursuing a claim for $280 dollars against me on behalf of the Orlando Advantage car rental. The claim was for a broken driver's side mirror on the Hyundai Sonata. That same day I received paper work indicating the damage. The actual damage form was the form I had acknowledged regarding the flat tire. Someone had crossed out flat tire and wrote in "Busted Mirror". I disticntly remmber looking in that mirror as I drove the vehicle back to the car rental. It was not "busted" or broken.
I beleive this is a false claim and i am wondering does anyone know what my rights are? The Subrogation Management Team is some company that is like a "strong Arm" collection agency so the car rental place does not have to waste its own time pursuing claims. I looked over some of the other paperwork, they had a invoice from a body shop that was date February 14th, two weeks after the alleged damage, (January 30th). I find it hard to beleive they ahd that car off the road for two weeks for a broken mirror. I am thinking they are coming after me becasue either an employee broke the mirror or maybe a less collectable renter did and I am taking the fall. I would appreciate any advice anyone can give me.
And do not rent from these guys, nasty people, nasty place.

Get what you pay for

We waited in line for over an hour at the Denver location to check-in with a reservation. There were approximately 10 customers in line ahead of us and there were three reps working the counters. Employees were running around and the entire operation was disorganized. Even once we reached the counter it took over 20 minutes to check our reservation, find a car and then deliver the car. One solution may be to have a line for reservation holders and a line for those w/o a reservation.

On the 29th when we returned the car we waited 30 minutes for a shuttle to arrive to take us to the terminal. After the check-in experience I kind of expected the check-out experience to be equally disastrous so we showed up with enough time to still make our flight.

We chose Advantage because the cost was less than other companies but I would rather pay a little more for better service. I have rented from Budget, National, Alamo and Hertz and I have never had to wait for service like I did with Advantage. I guess you get what you pay for, needless to say next time I will go with one of the other companies.

  • Ka
    Karen Aug 28, 2008

    I reserved a car at the Toronto airport location in April. Upon arrival on July 17 we waited over 45 minutes for a shuttle. I was told that the reserved car was not available and that another was being brought from another site. There was no explation for why the car was not available, just the "these things happen". After waiting another hour at the filthy office where we were basically ignored, after much prodding a car was made available and forms filled out. At no time was it explained that the rental would be handled by Universal rent a car instead, the so called Advantage staff handled the entire transaction. I was promised the same rate that I had been quoted. The car we were given, a supposed premium car, was dirty and badly scratched. When we returned the car, we were given a receipt for the charges with the total matching the original quote . However, upon receipt of our Visa bill, we noticed a nearly $100 difference from the signed contract and the actual charge. It seems we have been a victim of a bait and switch, since we were never informed of the change of rental car company or the additional charges. The Advantage franchise at Campus Drive in Mississagua is misrepresenting itself, the staff is beyond rude, difficult to understand and evasive. Do not rent from them!

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  • Gj
    gjsailor Jun 01, 2011

    I reserved an Advantage car through Priceline for my trip to SLC. I added a car seat to my reservation and the total went up. When I arrived at Advantage, I waited nearly 45 minutes with a toddler. Then I was told that the seat was available but not included in the price. I asked why the price of the online reservation had gone up, and the attendant could not tell me. She did tell me that the car seat was $11.99 per day. Then she said that I could have the seat for free if I upgraded to a higher priced vehicle. Since I did not have a seat, I decided to upgrade since it was the same price.The car seat they gave me was filthy. After I finally got in the car and drove away, I realized the gas gage showed the car was nearly empty. Advantage had not filled the car. I had to bring the car back on full, so that was at least $45 more than I had planned. I told them that when I returned the car, but I was not compensated. In total, I spent more than $150 more than the price quoted on Priceline. The Advantage customer service sucked.

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Fraudulent damage claim!

My wife recently had a very bad experience with Advantage Rent-a-Car at LAX. She signed the damage...

Hidden fee!

On today’s date, August 07th 2007, I had the misfortune of dealing with Advantage Car rental. A company has never treated me so rudely in my life; upon returning a vehicle to your Matheson location here in Mississauga, Ontario.

On Aug. 03, I was in an accident with my two children. Luckily no one was hurt. I was told I could have a car rented and delivered to me at the scene of the accident. I was more than willing to accept this offer and obliged to use this service. I was happy to see Advantage showed up within 20 minutes for my two children and myself.

Upon returning the vehicle after having it for all of 3 days, I decided I had used the car long enough. I was bombarded with aggressive questions as to why I was returning it, and now I’ll be charged a $100 early drop off fee. First of all, the Advantage representative who showed up at the scene assured me there were no additional charges. Secondly the rep behind the counter proceeded to tell me in a very offensive, humiliating manner “why did you have us show up on a Friday before the long weekend to deliver a car when you didn’t need it?” Thirdly what constitutes an early drop off fee; I had the car for 3 days. Because this is an insurance claim Advantage thinks they can get more money out of my misfortune!

I will not be satisfied until 1. the rep is reprimanded for his actions and 2. reimbursed for this so called drop charge (cancellation) fee. and other unexplained fees.

I will never use this company again.

  • Ca
    Carmanizer Nov 17, 2009


    I read your complaint regarding your dispute with Advantage Car Rentals. I had a very similar experience recently. My final bill was hundreds of dollars more than the original on-line booking total. When I picked up the car I even showed the on-line agreement to the attendant to confirm its validity and he said it was correct (which turned out to be untruthful). He never informed me that numerous other charges would be added.
    I will be documenting my experience and forwarding the dispute to numerous agencies (listed below). I think the case I put forward will have greater impact if I could provide proof of similar experiences from other customers (there appears to be many more like us on consumer web sites). We may not get our money back, but I want to have pressure put on Advantage to stop misleading its customers.
    I’m wondering if you would like me to add your name and some contact info (preferably at least an e-mail address and/or phone #) to the documentation I send to these investigative agencies. If so, please e-mail me with your info at [email protected]

    Metro Toronto Police Fraud Squad
    Unit Commander: Staff Inspector Susan Grosvenor
    40 College St., Toronto, ON, M5G 2J3
    Phone: 416-808-7300

    Better Business Bureau of South Central Ontario
    100 King Street, East
    L8N 1A8
    Telephone: (905) 526-1112

    W5 Consumer Show – CTV News
    Anton Koschany – Executive Producer
    P.O. Box 9, Station 'O, '
    Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
    M4A 2M9
    Telephone: (416) 384-5000

    Market place CBC News - Canada’s Investigative Consumer Show
    Senior Producer: Michael Gruzuk
    CBC News: Marketplace
    P.O. Box 500
    Station A
    Toronto, ON
    M5W 1E6
    Phone: 1-866-535-3786 (toll-free)

    Go Public: CBC News
    Producers: Kathy Tomlinson, Enza Uda and Marc Baby

    Hilton Hotel Toronto Airport
    General Manager: Gordon Chow
    5875 Airport Road
    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L4V 1N1
    Phone: 1-905-677-9900

    Toronto Airport Authority
    Marilynne E. Day-Linton, Chair of the Board
    Greater Toronto Airports Authority
    Toronto Pearson International Airport
    PO Box 6031, 3111 Convair Drive
    Toronto AMF, Ontario, Canada L5P 1B2
    Phone: (416) 776-9892

    The Toronto Star
    Editor: Michael Cooke
    Managing Editor: Joe Hall
    On Your Side @ The Star
    Journalist: Ellen Roseman (columnist who exposed ACR’s fraudulent practices in a previous article – included in customer reviews below)
    One Yonge Street
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5E 1E6
    Phone: 416-367-2000

    Associated Canadian Car Rental Operators
    President: Bill McNeice
    8120 Lawson Road, Unit 2
    Milton, Ontario
    L9T 5C4
    (905) 864-8884

    CIBC Visa Credit Card Services
    P.O. Box 4058, Station A
    Toronto, ON
    M5W 1L8
    Ministry of Government Services
    Consumer Protection Branch
    5775 Yonge Street, Suite 1500
    Toronto ON M7A 2E5

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  • Ma
    mariont Sep 09, 2018

    i rented a vehicle from hertz about a year ago and the car was total junk. scratches all over the car and the window had a crack in it. the car was also dirty inside and outside.

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  • Ho
    HottaThanShe Sep 10, 2018

    Hi, I'm requesting reimbursement for my OD fees.
    RR# 656230492 H41936014C4
    Unique Query Reference # 01144804
    I've submitted bank statements along w/ a letter from the bank. I've been reimbursed $500 I'm looking 4 reimbursement of $120 in OD fees!
    Sum of people I've spoken to who OBVIOUSLY w/no help!
    Ed 7843

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  • Cp
    CPowers Oct 21, 2018

    7/15/17 a Hertz parking attendant did an exaggerated backout of a Hertz rental car not looking around (at my parked rental) & slammed into passenger front panel of my National rental. 3 people screamed, waving No, No! & Stop! without success. The Hertz Mgr Susan Smith was RUDE, not cooperating with Airport Police reporting or me! UNBELIEVABLE!

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  • El
    Elmer Hall Nov 05, 2018

    I ordered a Hertz car via 800 number and got a quote of $36 a day. When I picked up my car the rate was $58 a day. I was told the $36 a day rate was the approximate rate as it said on form. All inquiries on the internet rate the price as $34 and above. Did not see A $58 daily rate.

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