ADT Security Servicesunprofessional-liars-fraud

So I called ADT thought they are biggest security company, they agreed to me on pricing and offers, next day ADT tech came in she rip off all my existing equipment I specifically asked her again and again are you going to offer me same deal she always said yes and took my panle off hook her system and then came back to me with tottaly different price and then she started saying that I just came here for install I have no idea what you signed up for and this is price you need to pay which is more than double the price which they commited, I said no she just took her equipment and walked away without putting my system back saying I am not going to do it, and now I am in a situation where my existing system doesnot work and wiring all come out

They are fraud, liers, unethical I dont have words to say how bad they are, Please be careful with them dont let them touch your system without anything in written.

Jan 24, 2017

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