ADT Security Servicesharassment and unethical behaviour

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Due to adt fraudulent activities, I have cancelled the adt security services around december'2017 time frame. After cancelling adt security services, so called adt (defenders the protect home experts local adt) started harassing me at least 15 calls per week (I could provide complete log file) and threatening me. I only contacted adt and cancelled the services, I have no business with adt defenders. I have already charged for installation and equipment around 550 dollars at the time of service installation, they did not refund the amount and also did not collect the equipment but they started threatening me and harassing me. After stopping adt services, so called defenders started harassing me from different location (defenders inc, 3750 priority way south dr, suite 200 indianapolis, in 46240 800-689-9554, address was provided by adt customer care bostick, carla k and mike p. Schultz,) that I need to pay early termination fee and started harassing me at least 15 calls per week. I have no idea, why different state defenders harassing me by calling every day and also they never picked up the service equipment. I have informed them that I do not have any business with defenders and only contacted adt and terminated contract since many fraudulent activities taken place and I did not like the service.
I got continuous calls from number starts with '3134378246","3138794062","3138794590","3136517562",... Voice message call back number 800-381-1156, none of them left the detailed voice messages, why they are calling me and harassing me and I pick up the phone, they threatened me that I should not disconnect the service, they charge termination fee and various threatening words. I have informed them that please collect the equipment and refund the amount $550 paid by me, stop harassing me. But, they are continued to harass and threaten me and also ask for different credit cards and kept on threatening me for cancelled services around 6 months ago. Every day, they call from different phone number and harass me every day. Could you kindly help me to come out of this harassment, refund amount of 550 and collecting their equipment back.
I have cancelled adt security service (account number [protected]) around 6 months ago and I have no business with them.
Could you kindly direct them to stop harassing me with phone calls, threatening me, talking about cancelled services and various nuisance phone calls. Do I need to file the police complaint? Could you kindly look into this harassment and refund my amount, collect their equipment. I do not have any service with them and complete connection has been disconnected and packed the equipment.

  • Updated by krre · Jun 16, 2018

    Harassment phone number are as follows: same lady voice and Home defenders, Harassment, Harassment ...Defenders the protect home experts local ADT
    '[protected]", "[protected]", "[protected]", "[protected]",

  • Updated by krre · Jun 24, 2018

    ADT services has been cancelled around december'2017 time frame., same is part of the ADT communications and cancellation confirmation. I do not have any business with ADT, for further damages and unwanted calls/harassment, I will be proceeding with official complaint.

  • Updated by krre · Jun 24, 2018

    All services with Account number [protected] has been completely cancelled and disconnected from service around December 2017.

Jun 15, 2018
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  • Pr
      Apr 16, 2019

    ADT is harassing a lot and should be removed providing the services to consumers. I had such a bad experience. They never established a service to my home in 2019. Despite they are calling me to pay monthly. I called them many times and cleared with customer service. They looked it and agreed. Despite of it the ADT collection team is keep calling to pay. These company doesn't have any internal communications or system and process. They outsource the installation to third party and that is another big issue.

    ADT is totally non professional in handling the customers.

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  • Us
      Oct 09, 2019

    ADT is a F. company that instead of providing good security business they like to harass you with there worthless product.

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