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ADT Security / poor business transactions

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In march i purchased ADT for my home, agreed to a price, and then had it installed. there was an installation fee, couple of other bills, taxes and a couple months up front. Then... my credit card starts getting charged $215.00 in june by a company called defender security for... well... depends on who you talk to. some customer service reps say its for an activation fee. (I paid that up front with ADT by the way), some say defender security is the company that actually got us the deal ( a middle man) so they are just trying to "make their profit".

After countless hours on hold and waiting for them to call me back... i have decided to cancel my deal with them and look elsewhere for security. Tech service had been fine up until the phantom billings and zero response. The people that answer the phones pass you along to each other and then the phone disconnects...

Buyer beware.

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  • Jl
      30th of Jul, 2008
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    Similar situation I'm in.. I had a surge from PG&E go thru my aunt's home that I was living in and fried every electronic appliance... Including the ADT alarm system.. Keep in mind we've had the service for years and never once turned this system on.. So, finally I called them to get a quotation for a new system so that I can claim PG&E.. They guy told me the system would be $518.. and give me a "quotation", which I stupidly signed, never read the back where it states that it was a 2 year contract.. I was also informed that service won't be activated until after the system is installed and I call in to activate the service.. After they installed the system and was charged the $518. I just never ever heard anything never saw a bill and just assumed I haven't had service.. 7 months later, new tennants who bought the house 4 months ago inform me that the system is still under my name and that I need to call in to cancel it.. I called and I have spoken to 5 different representatives.. the last was a manager that informed me, this is a business we can't waive the $450 termination fee since u signed the contract.. I was sooooo inflamed and mad.. Finally I got a hold of the contract from the real estate agent and sure enough, nothing was stated on the front portion, but all the fine print filling up a full page about a 2 year contract and how there would be this $450 termination fee if I cancel within the first year.. I'm sooooooooo SHOCKED at this situation.. The new tenants don't even want service from them and I'm sure every person that reads this or I tell will never ever deal with such a horrible company.. Also, the "contract" says that they are suppose to send me a bill quarterly and not auto charge my credit card.. They did charge my credit card the first month, and just recently.. which I have yet to see.. To top it all off, they first told me that the person had inputted my contract wrong and placed me as a 5 year contract.. I cannot believe anyone would sign up for a 5 year contract with these people!!!

  • Tr
      7th of Feb, 2009
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    Well my advice for all signing paperwork for services to be rendered by any security company is to read the terms of the agreement before signing. All companies require some form of contractual term of service. The industry standard is 3 years.

    I can understand your frustration with the company because of the sales persons mis-representaion, however neither of you did your due diligence by reviewing the paperwork before signing. ADT does provide a Presidential dispute process where by you can file your dispute and it will go directly to the President of the company. Just call the 800 ADT ASAP number and after going through the residential promps, tell the customer service agent you wish to file a Presidential dispute. JLI did you also sign the installation paperwork that stated your installation was to your satisfaction and that your monitoring service was now active?

    So JLI, I would assume you filed your claim with PG&E and got reimbursed, right? The homes value was increased with the alarm system and you qualified for a relocation credit after 6 months as well, right? If you had included the remaining monitoring fees in the sale of the home, you would have automatically met your contractual obligations, and for a period provided the new owners with monitored security as well as qualified to have a new basic system installed in another home absolutely free.

    ALL alarm companies have contract termination fees, If your experience with an individual rep has led you to believe he has been less that forthright in your dealings, I recommend you escalate your complaint to the highest level. Most large companies value their customer base and will bend over backwards to provide an exceptional customer service experience. ADT didn't become the oldest, largest and most successful provider of security products and services by adhering to and implementing policies and procedures that dis-service the customer.

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