ADT Security / adt armed response surprises by not helping

United States

Alarm receieved on 19 or 20 Feb 2010, we asked that a car be sent yet it never pitched up! We found out the next day that the guard had decided our 5ft 6inch gate was to high for him. This is despite our mother being home alone and despite the sales person saying the height of the gate shouldnt be a problem!
Guess what, it is a problem !! we havent got the service we are paying for & we havent had any response from Robert Hood at ADT.
Mr Hood, is always in management meetings, not at his desk or out of the office.
To crown it all, he must be the only person that doesnt have a cellphone! Either that or everyone is instructed not to give it out.
Seeing that he hasnt responded to numerous messages over the last 10 days, he must be a very busy person.
We are not very happy (to say the least), and we are less than happy at the response and attitude from ADT.


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