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I have worked for a company for 8 months, and their only option to get paid is through ADP Money Network. I have a checking account and have been able to call and get my balance and submit a direct deposit to my checking account. Until this morning, where I was told (after asking the representative to repeat because I couldn't understand his English) that there is now a $3 fee to do a direct deposit. Now I have to call for my balance, spend more time on the phone to get numbers to write a "check, " order more checks to be even able to get my paycheck, drive to Walmart (the only place in town to cash ADP checks), and then drive to my bank to put the money in my account. This is a hassle and a waste of my time. I am working to pay for school, and having my paycheck held for 5-7 days and with a $3 fee is unreasonable and unethical withholding of my paycheck. I will write letters to my own corporate offices as well.

Mar 09, 2017

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