Adecco / I actually felt bullied in that office

United States

I applied at Adecco in the spring. Worked three days at a company to wrap up a marketing research study. They simply no longer needed me because that study was over. Since then, I’ve asked for 2nd shift in the summer (kids home) and they never called me until the kids were going back to school and I needed 1st shift (which I clearly specified) Now that I have repeatedly requested first shift, they only call me for 2nd shift jobs. I know what they’re doing; they’re calling me for the jobs nobody else wants.

I was told a job was 9 miles away from where I lived, it took me 30-35 mins to get in the vicinity and google maps gave me different directions. I went back into the Adecco office and told them they misinformed me about the mileage and asked if they had any closer jobs. I was speaking with 1 person and ended up being double teamed by 2 of the Adecco employees. I was laughed at for getting lost and talked down to for asking for a closer job. I am out of school for winter break and wanted something productive to do with my time.

I am an exceptional worker and easy to get along with but I actually felt bullied in that office and am thinking about reporting them to the BBB.


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