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Adecco Group / recruit service at adecco agency in joplin missouri

1 Parsons, KS, United States
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Yes, I was Employed by Adecco out of Joplin Missouri. Through the services I was placed at Cst Storage Inc in Parsons, Ks. I loved the job until I was removed.

On October 1st, 2018
I reached out to [protected] at 11:50am to Alert Stephanie that due to the medication still making it difficult for me operate a vehicle & my ride not showing. I could not make my work-mans comp appointment that was scheduled for 8 am that monday morning. She Told me to call Occumed Freeman Hospital and reschedule my appointment, I so I called them & attempted to do so. Occumed informed me that my employer is responsible to manage my work-man comp appointments, & when I informed them that Stephanie had told me to call & set up the appointment, they told me that Stephanie should be the one to set up the appointment.
I called Stephanie back at 3:08 on number [protected] & had no answer So i called [protected] at 3:09pm and informed her what I was told. She proceed to start an debate about how it was not her job to do so. but that she would take care of it and let me know when my next appointment was.
days went by, then turned into almost 2 weeks. No calls returned, cst had not herd of any information.
On October 15th, 2018 I reached out and called at 3:05pm - [protected]. Stephanie answered & we proceed to talk about when my next appointment was & when she went through her notes, she proceeded to tell me, that she contacted cst storage and told judy when my next appointment, was. She stated that she called me on October 4th at 10am & told me that my next appointment was October 4th at 10am. when i corrected her and told her that she never contacted me, and why did she contact me of the same time i was suppose to be at the appointment, the conversation then got touchy. She proceeded to raise her voice and tell me that she should have let me go for missing the first appointment, & that it wasn't her job to set up the appointments & that I should be more responsible & less careless about how I handle my priorities. I then informed her that i was not Judy from Cst, that I was Evan DShaun Conner & that i had all phone records that she never contacted me. She then told me that she was going to handle it one last time, and that i needed to make the appointment to keep my job. So i did so. my Appointment was that following Friday October 19th at 1pm. On October 19th at 11:23pm Stephanie reached out and contacted me asking if i had made my appointment at occumed, I informed her that she told me 1pm on the 19th and that it was 11:30 am on the 19th. I showed to the appointment while still working my 2nd job. i had my clientell with me. and due to traffic I was a few minutes late *1:09pm arrival time. I was cleared and ready to go back to work even after already being sent back to work.
Over that weekend, my cellular phone was defective and Needed to be fixed. Stephanie apparently tried to reach out and call me October 22nd, but I was not aware due to not having my cellular device in operating conditions. She apparently reached out on the 23rd, and i was told at work after her work hours. Wensday I came into work on the 24th and they informed that Stephanie had sent me home until I contacted her. So when I left, I tried to contact her, and had no luck. The next morning, I reachout on the 25th to find out what she needed. When we connected over phone, she informed me that my Assignment at CST Storage was done, and that she was moving me to Baxter Springs. I informed her that CST Storage was only 5 blocks from where i live & i didn't have the transportation to commute 45 minutes to work. She Said she would start my un-employment and Let me know when she found something, after a few days pass by, & still no reasoning why i was moved, i reached out to her November 2nd Around lunch time, to discuss the issues. She told me She had people infront of her and she was busy that she would contact me later. Around 4:50 I noticed she never contacted me, and it was the weekend so i probably wouldn't here from her until Monday morning. So i called her Cellular device at 4:55pm. She answered, and we proceeded to talk. She told me she removed me due to a lady at occumed complaining about how I was rude to her after she made a rude comment to me, and that I was out of tone when i returned the call to Stephanie, i told her I understood, and that i should have kept my cool, and handled it more professionally, but at the same time, She should have understood her requirement in her position for that job, and that she was un-professional on her duties of her job, & to have a nice day.

I understand all that has happened, I understand that Adecco does no tolerate Un-called for behaviors, & I completely respect that Coming from 24 years of being raised by a Marine. I understand right from wrong, Respect & manners will take you a long way. I'm told quite often that i am a hard worker and very respectful. CST Storage has even vowed for the work & respect i carry at their company. & that they would like me to return.

I have gone 2 weeks with out pay, because of this situation, & i feel that to a point of tolerance, this is unfair on my part, due to I followed every procedure, & passed all drug screenings, & was very polite with Stephanie until she Decided it was not her job dutie to make my work-mans comp appointment.

Nov 4, 2018

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