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I bought several items at adam and eve, and spent $178.00, one of the products was in back ordered I received an email stating my order and nothing else. I got the products but the one it was on back order. After 2 weeks waiting, I called customer services and they told me that it will get to my home in 1 week.. After 2 weeks went by and I received it after a full month of my original purchased. That wasnot the end of the problems with this company. I realized that day that I got the item that they didn't charge me for it until that same day. I didn't realize I havent actually paid for it and I went in overdraw with my bank account. I called customer services and jay told me that I suppose to know this because it says somewhere in the online order, so I felt bad for not reading it but even though she repeat this several times she couldn't find it either, so then I talked to her supervisor makisha and explained her my situation and she said that I should have received and email after my order saying that I wasn't being bill for that until they actually have the product to ship it, that by law this is like that. Email that I did not received. She was very rude saying that I wasn't going to understand her or get her point across and there was nothing they can do and I should have been more careful and I should know how to manage my bank account! Very rude again!
It was the first time I purchased something from adam and eve. Very disappointed. I would not purchase from them again. And if you are going to do it you better know all the laws out there to buy products, (at least that is the way makisha see it or in any case that is how adam and eve see it)

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  • Ma
      27th of Apr, 2012

    If you thought they took the money, but they didn't until later, the money was still in your account. At least it was until you took it out, or spent it on something else. If you took it out, wouldn't you have noticed that the balance was higher than it should have been?

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