Acuvueunfilled rewards/reimbursement

I have been a wearer of your Acuvue contact lenses for years and this the first time I'm actually angry and disappointed concerning your client service. Back in April of 2018, I submitted the voucher through the website for rewards/reimbursement for the year supply of contacts I purchased. Fastward until about a week or so ago, I realized when opening a new pair of contacts, I would need a new eye appointment soon for more. It reminded me of rewards/reimbursement I had not received (clearly, I had completely forgot about it). Stil having the paperwork, I contacted your customer service and was told they could not locate my entry. I was then told to resubmit with my information. I did, and received an email confirming so. To my disappointment, I was told that because I didn't submit the entry within 60 days of original purchase could no longer receive the rewards/reimbursement. Surprised, I contacted Clint service again and was told, no. I then went back-and-forth (being told thanks for my understanding, I can resubmit when I buy new contacts this year) ), because I didn't submit within the time frame, I was no longer eligible. I was told this several times, I responded with an email:

clearly, this is an automated email... I did submit my voucher within the time limits. When I realized I had never received the reward, I was told to ‘resubmit'. It's absolutely ridiculous that acuvue would not honor a legitimate claim, that was initially submitted within the time limit.I'm expecting a phone call, from a manager, to discuss if you still aren't willing to honor the rewards.
Sharon Alexandria

I received an email response saying I could call client service if I had any other concerns. Working with clients everyday, I can't believe how I was just dismissed. I realize that there needs to have time limits for such things, however I am not in the wrong. This needs to be honored.
I'm happy to forward all communication and copies of my voucher/receipt.

I appreciate your time with my concern and hope to hear from someone soon.

Sharon Alexandria
324 Jervey Lane
Bartlett, IL 60103

Jan 25, 2019

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