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Our experience with ACRE windows has been very negative. Our expert salesman gained our trust and talked a great game but the reality has been very different. First, he misrepresented ACRE’s relationship with Anderson Windows. Next, he sold us conversion kits for our bay windows and promised they would be an improvement over the old windows. He even sold an option that doesn’t even exist: half screens on conversions kits. And the hits just kept coming: The installer who showed up wasn’t the “veteran installer” we were promised, but rather an inexperienced new hire that had never installed a conversion kit in a bay window. As you might expect, the windows looked worse as they were not even and straight in the frames and ACRE’s “attempt” to fix the problem by altering the outside of the window just made things worse. To add insult to injury, a number of parts were damaged or missing in our window kits and our punch list items remain unresolved after the original installation in July of 2014. We still do not have screens for some of the windows and some are missing the little piece that allows them to be tilted for cleaning.

We escalated our issues to the ACRE’s general manager, Matt Manfred, who promptly blamed us for having “unrealistic expectations” of what a replacement window would be like. Perhaps Matt should have mentioned that to his salesman, who promised us they would be “like new” and that there was no difference in outcomes between replacement windows and conversion kits. If your expectations of new windows includes: uneven sashes, finger lifts drilled at different distances apart (on different sashes of the same bay window!), or a distinct uneven slant easily visible to anyone looking at the window then ACRE is for you. Matt promised to get back to us within 3 days with options for remedial action. After three weeks a the sum total of Matt’s response has been one “bumper” email saying, “I’ll get back to you.” Our follow-up emails and phone calls have been ignored, and it is increasingly clear ACRE and Matt hope we just go away even though he promised we would make things right. We won a default judgment for these issues in small claims court and Acre windows still hasn’t paid us.

We are posting this to protect other consumers.

Mar 20, 2016

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