Acre Replacement Windowsdoor installations

This email I sent to them on Oct 19, 2018 recaps the issues: I have tried unsuccessfully since the installation of the 3 doors and 1 screen door on 9-24-18 to get you to come back to do repairs to the scratches on kitchen door, repairs to squeeky kitchen screen door that has no traction, frame on kitchen door that came with pink paint on the top, nail holes on all doors, lack of paint as promised on all frames, and missing front door screen door that I already paid for in full, and to have this done prior to installation of a living room window. Also, your installer ripped part of my wall off while removing the old door frame, and you promised repair of the wall. I have called every few days since the installation and you have both ignored my messages and then cancelled appointments at least 3 times with no valid explanation, causing disruption to my work schedule and other personal appointments. Today again you did not show up to do inspection and did not call with an explanation. In addition the delivery of the doors was an hour late on 9-24 which caused me to have to cancel another appointment I needed to fit in on that day, as the installation ran late until 6pm. The installers also left broken glass outside while removing the old doors, until I pointed it out to them and then they cleaned it up. As you have not kept your promise to do the repairs prior to the installation of the living room window and living room screen door, I am requesting a full refund for those 2 items. In addition I am out $750.00 for a screen door and over $4000.00 for the windows. Thank you.

Oct 19, 2018

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