[Resolved] Acre Replacement WindowsDon't pay their employees

If you get a call from this company or see a job posted then BEWARE. I worked for them for about 5 weeks. You are a contracted employee so you get no money until you make sales. They set up the appointments for you for in home demos. I experienced times where I was driving to NJ only to find out my appointment cancelled and then turn around to go home and get another call to turn back for a different appointment. I made one sale in my 5 week timeframe there and they NEVER paid me. They would not answer their phone, e-mail, NOTHING. I understand every situation is different and I am not saying they do not pay their employees but if they don't like you then you don't get paid. Oh, and since I was a contractor there is basically nothing I can do about it. Stay away from this company on the job boards because if you decide to quit then they are under no obligation to pay you for your sales.

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Apr 20, 2015

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