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To begin, I myself am not even an ACN customer. And with service like this I never ever will be! I paid a bill for a friend through online banking. But before making this first payment, we called- just to confirm the right amount that needed to be paid. We paid that amount right away on January 26/16. We paid this amount ensuring that the internet services would continue to be up and running (the reason why most people pay their bills). Little did we know, the service we just paid for was cut off January 19/16! And we did not even find this out until AFTER we made ANOTHER payment on March 3 of $98.87. "Is this the full amount owing?", I asked. "Yes" said the rep. "So the internet will be up and running?" I asked. "Yes. In about 24- 48hrs. We will keep this credit card on file as well." Replied the rep. "Do NOT keep this c.c. number on file, and do not charge this number EVER again." I said. When the internet was still not working, a call was made to ACN yet again. "Services were cancelled on the 19th of January." I was told. "Cancelled the 19th of January? Why were we not told this when I made a payment on the 26th?" I asked. "The rep didn't tell you? The rep should have told you", was the unhelpful reply. Right at that moment, we cancelled services- for good. Sent that 'box' out the door right away. March 7/16- TODAY. I get a charge of $110.25. So of course, I call ACN. They refuse to tell me why. Really? They can charge my card but they will not tell me what the charges are for? Especially after I told them NOT TO EVER CHARGE MY CARD AGAIN? Unprofessional, disrespectful, and VERY deceitful. And let's remember, it is not even MY account.

Mar 07, 2016

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