Ackermans / bad service and humiliation

Johannesburg, South Africa
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I bought clothes for my son on the the 6th october 2018 at kerk & joubert and they did not fit him. Most parents are doing lay-by because its toward december and I am afraid nice clothes will finish.

I get home and nothing fits him. I work 8-4 and by the time I knock off shops are closed. The nearest ackermans I find I try to exchange. I went o different stores but couldn't find sizes at maponya mall and alberton.

On the 27th october 2018 I went to johannesburg ackermans and was assisted by ntombi who was very rude telling me that she doesn't believe all my story and why I have so many slips.
I was very humiliated even though I tried to explain. She told me that I should choose something because I wont get my full refund and they do not have vouchers. When I told her I had a right to get my full refund she said I cant she is just doing me a favour she will only refund clothes bought in jhb cbd the rest I should take to alberton and maponyamall.
She did the refund but refused to give my my slip passing humiliating remarks. I asked to speak to the manager and she said I should go down stairs. I asked the stuff and the showed me a gentle man named aaron who assisted me. I was shocked to hear that the rude lady (ntombi) is the actual manager and that aaron is the acting manager.

Oct 29, 2018

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