Acer Computer / defective screen, acer not backing up warranty

Temple, TX, United States

I purchased a laptop about 3 months ago and it worked fine until the screen started flickering and i was smelling a burning smell, well finally on april 12, 2012 it burned out completely, I contacted Acer Customer Service and was Told the screen had burned out and it was covered under Warranty, the Rep then proceeded to set it up for repair and gave me packaging instructions and told me to print off the return label to return the laptop.I did as instructed, I packaged it up and instructed and returned the laptop to acer using the Return label i printed off. Well They called me on April 18, 2012 and told me the screen was cracked, that is a lie, it wasn't cracked when i sent it to them, i told them as much and told them i wasn't repsonsible for the screen being cracked, I packed it according to as i was instructed to do and sent it to them. I have been in a bitter battle with them since! They have twisted my words and added things to the conversations i have had with them on the phone, I have been working with the BBB on this issue and it still isn't helping, i am not witts end! They do now want to honor their warranty, they make up things to get out of the warranty! I don't believe the screen was cracked, if it is probably by their hands! I have never ever deal with with such a evil, manipulative company! I do not see how they stay in business! Since I have been doing research on them, they have thousands of customers who are unhappy too and a majority of it is for the same reason: NOT HONORING THEIR WARRANTIES! I have noticed others have said the samethings I have dealt with, Acer twisting conversations etc. I would have never believed it had I not had to deal with them! I have no where else to turn! I have filed a complaint with my states attorney Generals office, I hope in some way that will help! I have nothing else to do! Acer has been holding my computer as well, i was told it was going to be shipped on April 23, 2012, and it hasn't I found out through the BBB that they haven't shipped it yet, They are claiming I agreed to a repair charge, which i didn't and that is why they are holding it. I demanded they ship it back to me immediately if they aren't going to honor their word and fix it like i was told in the begining! Please someone help!!!

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