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Acer / do not buy acer laptops

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I bought a Aspire laptop in April, 2007, it gave me the "blue screen of death" twice in 11 months - Acer did not honor their warranty ( I guess they are good at this). I contacted the Texas Better Business Bureau, filed a complaint... Acer has agreed to a mediation session over my complaint. (I had to pay a small fee to the BBB). Good news, Acer is trying to get into the BBB, and needs to clean up their act. SO, I WOULD ADVISE ALL OF YOU WHO ARE PISSED AT ACER, OR HAVE BEEN SCREWED BY THEIR CRAPPY COMPUTERS to file a complaint. You may get heard!!

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  • Pr
      28th of Mar, 2009
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    I have had my laptop for 6 months now and I too go through the same thing, everytime I call I am told to f1o something or whatever its called, I am a college student I cant afford to have everything erased everytime something goes wrong I have so many papers on here I would die if i lose them, that leaves me stuck paying best buy geek squad 200 dollars to back up everything on a disk ( which i am learning to do myself since this happens sooo much) . I keep complaining just send me the box to send it back in and they keep saying next time... i mean wtf next time lol I have got 3 next times lol bad enough I cant understand them they are nooo help, but on my budget I brought this through my financial aid at school... I am finding out life sucks as a student when you have ot settle for companies like Arrons and whoever owns Acer... and believe me i am not paying for them to fix this, if it break sone more time and they wont take it can you say lawer or money back I have a warranty -.-

  • Ma
      18th of May, 2009
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    Buying from a company like Acer is a risk, because there is a reasonable chance you could get a peice of crap, and receive little or no compensation. I took the risk and got their netbook. It shut off randomly more and more frequently until I stopped putting it in a certain bag. I don't know what was wrong with that bag, but the laptop didn't like it. Now, the laptop is perfectly reliable, I have taken it apart, upgraded memory, and I am typing this report right now, with this laptop. So, go head and buy Acer, but ask Google for his opinion first.

  • Ya
      22nd of Dec, 2009
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    I also bought a new acer laptop on sunday and when I call the Technical Support and I told him the problem of the driver which he told me to locate a BIO file and I follow his instruction by key in BIO for search.

    After 5 to 6 time of trying I still can't locate the BIO file, so I decide to look at the file in "C' drive-Program and finally located the file. To my surprise, he told me that you can't locate the file like this and you must use the windows start button and to the program folder and scold me not following his instruction. I told him windows start button is just a shortcut to the file. You still can access the file from "C' drive and I wanted to speak to your supervisior. He slammed the phone down on me and I call back, but nobody is picking up the call anymore. The company are highly unprofessional and this is my last laptop with acer.

  • Ao
      28th of May, 2010
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    I'm a freelance dev, and have owned several acer poducts. Their netbook support was spotty at best, and their monitor support is even worse. I purchased a somewhat defective monitor from them and had to pay return shipping only to receive a similarly bad unit. Don't buy their products.

  • Av
      13th of Jul, 2010
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    I'm a Taiwanese who lives in both Taipei and Los Angeles. When I returned to my apartment in Taipei, I decided to buy an Acer in support of a Taiwanese company. Guess what - STUPID MISTAKE

    I bought an Acer all-in-one desktop, got it home, turned in on and realized that there's a bad pixel (displaying the wrong color) - imagine how irritable that is whenever you turn on your computer. Well, I called the distributor who says Acer considers a defective screen as one that has three or more bad pixels. I called Acer and they said the same thing.

    Clearly Acer does not strive to be perfect and couldn't care less about their customers - can you imagine not being able to return a product like this in the US?

    Acer - what a disgrace...shame on you. DO NOT BUY AN ACER. I WOULD NEVER BUY AN ACER AGAIN IN MY LIFE.

  • Tt
      17th of Sep, 2011
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    I bought my Acer Aspire back in the spring of 2011 and I have had nothing but problems with it the computer keeps shutting me down for no apparent reason and when I am playing a game on Facebook it bumps me out in the middle of the game the screen also goes from big to small when I am not even touching it I would never ever by another Acer brand computer again I also tell everyone I know never to bu one it was a waste of my money,

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