Ace Hardwarewrong price info and not honoring discount

This is why I will continue to shop at Home Depot. I called my local ACE hardware store and inquired the pricing of mulch. I was told it is $4.99 Since it was only $1 more each bag than Home Depot charges and I had a $5 coupon I decided to support my local ACE hardware store. When I got to the store I was told that the employee gave me the old price, now the price was actually $ 6.99 but since I was misinformed they would give me each bag for $ 5.49. Usually a company honors a price they just quoted 10 minutes ago. When I wanted to use my coupon I was told I could not use it, since the bags were already discounted.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Vancouver, WA I needed some other things and spent an other $25 or so. My wife asked if ACE gives veteran discounts like Home Depot does and one employee told her yes. When I went to pay for all of my items the employee who gave me the wrong information on the phone and wouldn't take my $5 coupon unless Ill spend another $20 dollars, said since I had a coupon I won't get the Veteran's discount. Today is Veteran's day.
Apparantly not even today these employees can honor a Veteran's discount. My wife was very upset, specially since we now had been given twice the wrong information by your employees . We are only talking about $12 or so, but still...this is pretty bad customer service.

Nov 11, 2017

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