Ace Hardware / unprofessional/unethical customer service - carlos gandara

Canutillo TX, US
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I'm a regular customer at meyer's ace. Went in on sunday 3/5 to have two keys made. I waited at the key counter for about ten minutes to wait for the clerk - he was paged by staff twice. I explained to the clerk that a key that was made by them previously did not function properly and was positional. He told me there must be a problem with my lock. I explained to him (Carlos gandara) that the key I brought in today actually works perfectly on the lock and that the copy made was probably not made correctly. Carlos gandara immediately responded by becoming rude and disrespectful. Carlos spoke with a negative tone and was not helpful and did not listen to his customer. Carlos's actions do not reflect the corporate mission and values of ace hardware. I personally worked to stauber's ace in chicago in the 90's. My boss was steve stauber. I remember specifically being trained to listen and be helpful to customers. These are principles that have made ace successful. Employees like carlos gandara do not belong working for a company like ace because he projects an image which is opposite of what this successful corporation believes in. Carlos gandara's behavior was very negative and awkward. As an educated person, I was trying to understand why this man was acting this way. For example, he was telling me that he is poor and lives in a mobile home in canutillo, tx. I did not know why he was telling me these facts... I don't know him and didn't ask him about his personal life. He also told me not to shop at walmart for some reason. Carlos gandara seemed to be acting very weird. Perhaps the man has psychiatric issues. Anyhow, the rest of the staff acted normal and seemed to be helpful. I reported this clerk to the wife of mr. Meyer's on 3/6. She said she would follow-up with him.

Mar 07, 2017

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