Ace Hardware / sequentia 3/4in x 8ft white winyl moulding (m. cp113008) item no. 5033923 | [protected] $4.59

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On March 2, 2017 I went into your Sunnyside Washington State store to purchase some moulding amongst other merchandise. After an hour of debating which moulding to purchase I found the best one. The price stated $1.99 so I took it, I didn't think much of it since the bracket visibly contained the same merchandise. As the cashier scanned the moulding it rung up as $4.59, I explained to her that the price where it's located was for $1.99, she walkied for a price check, minutes later another employee came to the register and walkied some one else than looked at me and said "Nope, it's for $4.59". I had to explain myself again, with a sigh he just walked away, I figured he was heading to the area where I retrieved the moulding so I than walked over there slowly since it had only been a week of my stomach surgery. When I arrived the employee was with another employee who was fixing the merchandise where talking and I could clearly see the employee had hurried and zoned the area in which now it was visible that someone had stocked the moulding of my choosing in the wrong location, I looked at the man and explained to him when I grabbed the moulding it was in the spot wit the price of $1.99, and he stated "maybe someone put it in the wrong spot or fell over" I looked at him and said"no, there was clearly many of these in the $1.99 area and someone just fixed it now to the correct spot, that is not my fault and I would like for you to give it to me for $1.99 because that's where it was stocked before you guys just now zoned this little area", he looked at me and said "no, you can have it for $4.59", I asked him I wanted to speak to a manager and he said "I am the Manager", I was frankly appalled, this man did not have a name badge on his vest, his vest was not even zipped up, I must say the sales floor employees looked more professional than him. Knowing now he was a Manager he didn't even acknowledge me when he walked to the register, he could have asked "what can I help you with today", or what can I help resolve for you", didn't even apologize that the moulding was stocked in the wrong place, bad customer service, the manager wasted my time as well as his over a few bucks! A few bucks he argued with a customer instead of saying I'll honor it this time, it was only 1 moulding 1. I took my business to Home Depot and purchased the moulding along with paint, wallpaper, cordless power drill, light fixtures and faucets. What he didn't know is im remodeling my home and it was convenient for me to purchase items at his store than to have someone drive me 30 minutes to Home Depot where I'm greated with great customer service. So many employees in your store that day and after an hour of shopping finally one employee asked if I was doing okay, or if I needed help, she helped me with mixing my paint! The cashiers was very friendly besides that no one else even acknowledged me.

My name isEsmeralda

Mar 11, 2017

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