Ace Hardwaremanager's scam

One sunday afternoon during early summer I was in the local ace hardware to purchase several chore items — garden hose repair and sprayer, bug spray, septic tank treatment, etc.. I had several items in my cart when the manager asked if I had found everything I needed or if he could help me. I told him I was having a smell coming from my septic tank or lateral lines. I had already picked and item and had it in my cart when he suggested another item which he then explained was better more pure hence would work better at reducing any septic odors. He then took me back to the isle and location where the products were and the item he suggested was empty and he then immediately said he had more in the stockroom to which I replied the type I already had in my cart would be okay with me. He then told me how much better the other product would work. Well, ok then I thought yo myself as I agreeded, and he then asked for my id because he said he needed to record who bought this item as it was on a dea list. I now think that I can not back out of buying item or I will look guilty — no problem — I was using it for a valid reason. I then asked about some tractor door molding which I had a small piece. I showed it to him and he said he had and exact match. I asked where it was and he directed me to an isle which I had already searched. He told me it was there and to look again while he took my id info so I would not have to wait during checkout. There was no molding similiar to what I needed and a younger man even told me there was not any molding close to what I was looking for. When I went through checkout the manager has brought two bottles of this septic cleaning item — whats this? I only wanted one at which he seemed to act if one was not enough — well I only got one.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Claremore, OK Then as I was leaving the parking lot two police cars immediately stopped me, looked through my truck and started asking questions about making meth. After I explained why I bought it and was on no type of drugs they sent me on my way. When I told them the manager suggested it and was not happy about it they stated the manager was just doing his job and we then departed. I have thought about this for several months and it still bothers me because — I already had a different product in my cart when he suggested an item that I had not seen nor asked about and was not even on the shelves, which he had led me back to — he sold this to me as if I would be sorry if I bought something else. He lied about having the tractor molding to stall for time to call local law enforcement. Tried to sell me double the amount I agreed to try. He was trying to set me up or something. Why??? I guess the little runt could'nt get a job with real law enforcement or it may be because I had one time bought some foaming sealant which was bad, so I had picked some up at wal-mart (ace was closed then and I wanted to get my job finished) and I wanted a refund not more sealant. I had my receipt which I had paid regular price for but they were now having it on sale and he only wanted to refund via sale price and not the full price I had paid. For some reason several people who were in line behind me voiced their opinion-= agreeing with me. I think it embrassed him. Anyway I have not and will not enter that store again and if I should see him somewhere I will not touch nor impead him in any way, call him any nasty names or reference his family in any way but I will tell him what an a* he is. Yes I will oh, and yes, because of this staged incident at the claremore, ok. Ace hardware — I still have the septic line cleaner, I never used the product and it is unopened. "you are a man of no character and must think little of yourself

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