ACDelco / Alternator

Wendell Idaho, United States

I grew up knowing that ACDelco parts were the best in the business. And it was well known that ACDelco stood behind their parts and still do. What is disappointing is that I have purchased 3 alternators in the last two years and another one is now failing. One of the new alternators actually fell apart in two weeks after install.

Its great that you have a warranty but that is not what I wanted. What I wanted was an alternator that lasts maybe 5 years - 100, 000 miles before is just wears out. I noticed that these failed alternators were made in China. I'm sorry to say that your parts are no longer quality and you have lost a customer. Perhaps you should look into American made which is when you had quality.

You can sign me disappointed. Bob Hester, Idaho

Jan 12, 2017

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