ACDelcoadvertising with battery guarantee never being guaranteed but altered with a warranty stipulation

I purchased a battery ac deco guarantees 5 year life, first 3 years free replacement, 4th &5 year replacement but with prorated cost to the customer.
I paid a prorated cost for the replacement because I did not get 5 years guarantee battery life, stamped right on the battery, guaranteed five year life.
Instead I got a battery though it was new and stamped 5 year guarantee, it gave my vehicle not over one year and went bad, the replacement for that new 5 year was also defective, it lasted one year even though the new battery was stamped with a 5 year life gaurantee.
Instead of honoring the 5 year life guaranteed, the guarantee for 5 year life has changed to a warranty stipulating you get 5 years warranty for your purchase, not 5 year life guarantee for the product, advertised and stamped 5 year life gurantee. The product is being falsely advertised with a GURANTEE then being stripped from that so called GURANTEE to a warranty stipulation, and that is in all fairness False Advertisement sir. The manufacture upholds this false advertisement, per my recent phone call to action Delco customer assistance phone number [protected].
There is a terminology ACTUALLYD Delco is falsely advertising, they are using GURANTEE sales to promote warranty promises, falsely cheating by lieing and promising a five year guanteed life, but not keeping the promise to GURANTEE 5 years of life to that battery, instead changing the guaranteed promise to a warranty stipulation. I can buy a warranty agreement but a GURANTEE you do not buy, it is sold with that product.
AC Delco is selling False advertisement with their product.

  • Updated by Anita Bell · May 01, 2017

    Per call to ac Delco customer care, Battery guarantee 5years false advertisement when you are only promised the 5 years for use of many batteries for the next five years from the date of purchase. If you have to have a new battery every year for the five year GURANTEE on each battery put in your car each year, guaranteeing 5 year life for each battery that never lasted over one year none of these batteries ever maintained a five year life guaranteed, just the purchase with a warranty never stipulated to begin with.

May 01, 2017

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