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Account Now Prepaid Visa / misleading advertising

1 Decatur, GA, United States Review updated:

My sister signed up with them under the guise of building her credit, having had an account closed during hard times. She has since paid off the debt to her old bank, and is trying to reestablish her credit foundation. After receiving her card (to which I was immediately skeptical about, having no approval procedures other than "give us your billing information, and we'll handle screwing you-er, .. I mean "the rest"), she was instantly discouraged by their charges for *everything, charges for customer service, charges she says for cancellation, charges for the "privilege" of letting them play with your money until you use it. *Garbage. This is not a credit card, it is a VISA *Debit card which has no affect on your credit positively or negatively. *Useless. She was charged $10.00 for sign up (on a website that makes a killing (I bet) on the sales pitch "FREE SIGN UP, *INSTANT APPROVAL". I will be looking into helping her cancel it, (in the terms and conditions, . it mentions calling/writing them to withdraw consent). Needless to say I am disgusted that companies like this exist to prey on those already in trouble, it makes my skin crawl to think of their grubby hands counting this money at night. Hope you are sleeping well you ###.

Account Now Prepaid Visa

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  • Sa
      23rd of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    maybe you should read whats called "terms and condition" it helps learing about what you sign up for after all god gave you a brain for something other than complaining about a company because you forgot to read over the company NOT EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS FREE

  • Th
      7th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    @sassy lady - she says "in the terms and conditions" which means they did read it. The fact that they are stating here that they were "blind sided" by the fees. They did not see these terms in the TOS. they are supposed to have these listed on the webpage for any charges.

    the site may have been a fake site that isnt affiliated with visa which would explain it. dub-out it though.

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