Account Control Technology & TSAC / student load

Louisville, KY, United States

So I was called by our HR Dept about a possible garnishment and to my surprise I found that ACT had sent a letter of garnishment to my employer. To make matters worse, ACT had the wrong address, had a phone number from over 15 years ago! They apparently sent the paperwork to the wrong address in Dec 2011 and it just resurfaced this week in March 2012. My loan was taken out in 1997, the total amount was for $2625.00. I had enrolled in a "rehab" program when trying to buy my first house in 2006 and had gotten the loan out of default status back then. Apparently none of this was taken off the loan, because I had a late payment, which broke the deal. So in essence, I have paid over half the loan off but get no credit for that. I would REALLY LOVE TO KNOW WHICH Agency (TSAC. Fed Govmt, Collection Agency) took my money and gave me the shaft. Now they are trying to collect in FULL with interest. I ran upon a site and contacted them, if you have a student load in default, DO NOT MESS WITH ANY COLLECTION AGENCY! Call [protected]. My Loan originated in Lebanon, TN, with TSAC. Any comments or advice will be appreciated!

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