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Accor / Motel 6 / poor service!

1 United States Review updated:

Up to speed: Seaside, Oregon, Motel 6 Manager, Lee Judson, inferred that my wife is a prostitute and I a drug dealer by - illegally, I believe - putting us on his nefarious Do Not Rent list without cause. So after 8 months of trying to get our good names cleared without success, I sued him in Small Claims Court for $5,000. He and his attorney, Stan Gish, bullied me and filed a frivolous counter suit for $100,000 taking it out of Small Claims Court and into Circuit Court, forcing me to hire an attorney to defend myself against against him!

O.K., Now Gish & my attorney are discussing dismissing the case and having both parties sign a stipulated injunction which would prevent either of you from posting anything (on consumer complaint sites like this one) regarding the other party. No money would trade hands. However, you would be required to deposit some money, probably a couple thousand, as security (in a place to be determined) to ensure that you do not breach the agreement. If after a year you have not breached the agreement, you would get the money back. If you breach of the agreement, the money would go to Judson.

Can you believe that?!?!?!? Beware!

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  • Ed
      6th of Sep, 2007
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    This past Labor Day weekend we traveled to Lincoln City, Oregon. We had made a 3 day reservation with Captain Cooks Motel which is located in the 2700 block of Hiway 101 NW. We have stayed at this motel in the past when visiting Lincoln City and have had no issues with them.

    On the morning of the third day it became necessary for us to check out and not stay the third night due to a family emergency back home. As we checked out we were advised that the motel required 48 hour notice for a cancellation. We could request the manager to waive this. A few days later I called and was told they would not waive the lost night's stay, regardless of the reason. Even though I told the manager that we were frequent visitors to this particular motel and visited Lincoln City at least once a year, staying with them in the past, they would not reconsider. I told them that I would not be utilizing their establishment again due to this in flexible policy.

    I can not recommend Captain Cooks Motel in Lincoln City and encourage others to avoid them.

  • Ri
      12th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I fully retract and withdraw all of my previous postings on this site concerning Accor, Motel 6 and/or Manager Lee Judson.

    Comfort Inn’s OpinionDecember 26, 2006Dear Mr. and Mrs. Colbeth, It is with pleasure that I respond to the comment card you left for our review at the Comfort Inn in Tumwater and to your specific request to be rated as a guest. I have given this request a lot of thought, and since you were obviously serious about being rated as a guest, I want to give your request - as unusual as it is - the proper attention it deserves.

    If I had to rate guests I would consider the following categories: 1. How did you treat our staff?2. How did you treat our premises and amenities?3. How did you conduct yourself while checked in? These are the three basic categories to consider. On our scale from 1 - 4, with 1 being excellent, 2 - good, 3 - fair, and 4 - poor, I would have to rate you excellent in all categories. You were courteous to our staff and pleasant to deal with. The credit card you presented for payment authorized on the first try and did not decline, which contributed to a smooth and efficient check in. As a guest in our hotel, you treated our premises with care and consideration - you didn't smoke in your non-smoking room, you didn't disturb other guests with loud music, TV, loud conversations or even arguments. You didn't break anything, nor did you excessively soil our linen or towels. In the morning you had your breakfast during our posted breakfast hours, not 45 minutes after breakfast closed and the breakfast area has been cleaned. Above all, you surprised our staff with your genuine concern about how you might be perceived by us. I hope you find this rating helpful. We do not expect our guests to rate "excellent" all the time. We appreciate guests who show kindness and courtesy, who do not hold our staff responsible for things that go wrong that were beyond our control, such as the loss of cable TV during the recent power outage. I see all sorts of guests come and go. About 5% rate excellent, 55% rate good, 25% rate fair, 15% rate poor. The 5% who rate excellent keep us going every day. They make up for the 15% who rated poor and instill in us a genuine wish to treat others with courtesy, kindness and respect.

    My staff and I want to thank you for being one of the 5% who rated excellent.

    Your kindness is much appreciated and will be remembered for a long time. Best Regards, Monika FitzGibbonComfort Inn & Conference Center1620 74th Ave SW Tumwater, Wa 98501phone: 360/352-0691fax: 360/352-0871

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