Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank [ADIB] / collection officer

Cairo, Egypt

Today 29/10/2017 I found a complaint officer named sara called me at 11:59 am from the phone number [protected] and she was asking about my mother in a very rude and aggressive way, she told me that there is a late payment regarding my mother's card, I told her that someone called my mother yesterday at 28/10/2017 regarding this issue and she settled with them a payment date and everything because she is out of the country right now, she didn't give me any chance to explain or complete my words and started shouting and used self abusive phrases and then she hung up the line with a last word of if u did not pay I will send a lawyer to your place. I tried calling her several times on the same number but she pickups and hang up at the same time, I tried contacting the call center but I wad on hold for 10 minutes until I picked up. Please this issue is considered massive and her attitude is totally unaccepted. I need someone to contact me to solve this issue.

Oct 29, 2017

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