Abella Mayfairthis is the worst of the worst fraud/con job company

I just about got conned by this company as I did fill out the information on the form but decided not to get involved as this could be a scam. I did not submit the form. However, apparently I somehow agreed to all the terms regardless of if I submitted the form prior to my filling out any forms. To my shock, I was sent the samples and also my cc was charged about 300. I was furious and did lots of research. This is the worst of the very worst in scam companies in too many ways to count. Being investigated by rcmp, bbb and many government organizations. Listen up here to get your money back.
I phoned my cc company and they are very aware of this scam company. The representative was furious and went to bat with the women. I could not believe it. Rude, ignorant, pathetic representatives.
Here is some information you need so listen up ladies... If you do not receive the package from abella mayfair,... (I have read another part of their scam is they sometimes never send out and still charge,... And do not take back returns or accept past the date allotted for refund,... Among many other scams they do) ,... Just tell the representative,... You did not receive the package and was still charged. At that point, they will refund your cc and send it back to the company which sends it back to their bank. It is now out of the companies hands and into abella mayfair bank for then them to decide.In the case of a customer and a company,... The customer wins!!! 95% of the time.
If you do not hear back from them I (The company) n 45 days, the money has been returned to you. However, beware again,...
Also alert alert alert,... The lady at my cc company said you must also be aware of what they do. Appears people are getting $600 charges up to 8 months after they think their problems with this company are over. You have no recourse,... Unless you did not receive the package that is,.. Wink wink, nod nod. I phoned consumer protection and they said you must break the contract that you were not aware you agreed to in the extremely well hidden fine print. Consumer protection said you need to fill a form to break this contract and recover them from ever using your card again. Notice of cancellation of a distant sales contract/within 30 days for failure to provide a copy of the contract. Fill and send a copy to them and keep a copy for yourself. Keep proof you have sent it to them. I cannot see a form number but that is the one they told me to send. Check the box I never received a copy of the contract. Hope this helps ladies. These s######s need to go down.
On a happy note. The company was just exposed today jan 19 on cbc news for what they are. I was elated. It was perfect and I will watch tonite as these are very slimy people. Yes, they use costco, angeina jolie, dragons den ect to make you think they are legit. Not!!! Please report them and do not dismiss you being ripped off. Class action is in the works.

Jan 19, 2017

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