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Canada Review updated:

Hello! I am absolutely livid ! So much so in fact, that I WILL go file a fraud report on this company, first thing tomorrow morning at our local police station here! Yes, I know, they won't be flying out the door to arrest everyone behind this scam, but they told me, it's very important to make a report when there has been unauthorized monies taken from your account! The more reports they see on line? And get in person? The more it adds up to serious charges, and jail Time! So please all you guys who have been ripped off by the " free trail offer scam" ? And then was charged several hundred dollars on your credit card without your knowledge or consent ? Please file a report with both the police, and any scam investigation units you may have in your city ! Fight back! Get your money back ? All I wanted was a lousy sample? Pay some postage? Cancel ANYTHING else they asked me on line with a great big NO?
Yet, they claim, I somehow agreed to let them charge me every month ? bull#### ! I have now emailed 5 times since I got the sample, with only one response, which was a standard business letter ?? I have demanded a reply, a confirmation to my messages, that they have received them? And have cancelled everything further, as far as I'm concerned ?
NOTHING!! Tomorrow, new visa, then cop station, then smear campaign all over the net, and I will not let up till my $135 is returned ! It's MY money, and these guys are thieves! I'm on disability ? Shame on you people ! But you messed with the wrong person this time, I never give up...NEVER
H.Kimery, Lethbridge. January 22. 2017 Ticket # 143167
AB, Canada

Jan 22, 2017
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  • Pa
      23rd of Jan, 2017

    Same thing... i ordered the sample and clearly indicated NO to everything else asked on the screen.
    I ordered my product in december and up until mid January had still not received product but had been charged on my
    CC for samples AND another $250 for NOTHING.
    I called fraud at my CC company. I'll have to go get a new cards as well.
    Seriously can't believe the shark tank is behind something so unethical.

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  • Wi
      9th of Feb, 2017

    Me too and my credit card company says there is nothing they could do, not even dispute it. They got me for $515 and I cancelled my credit card

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  • Le
      23rd of Jan, 2018

    Me too My card is all chopped up and in the bin I order the sample got that and them month later got an other what I through was a sample mix up in the ward house No No hit my card too for the $127.00 try to ring support would have any thing to do with me keep hanging up on me Not good and the 90 second dose not work on my skin

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