Abella Mayfair / free trial scam


While browsing to buy christmas gifts, I ran into Abella Mayfair offers for the free trial of their products. I did purchase 4 of them. Today, Jan 17 I noticed multiple charges for ~$100 each for products that I didn't purchase or needed.

I called multiple times, and when finally spoke to the rep, they are not friendly and they don't want to refund my money back.

They offered a $100 as a favor. Which i rejected right away, because it means I give up all my rights.

I told them that I will have my lawyer contacting them today and I am fine with taking this case to the court.

They called me back and issued a conditional full refund. the condition is for me to send them the free trial products.

Spread the info. Don't let your family and friends fall into the same trap

Jan 17, 2017

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