Abella Mayfair / dubious billing and hidden subscriptions

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Applied and authorized for a free trial of the 90 second wrinkle control cream, and I carefully declined all other offers. I only authorized 3.95 s & h (What I thought was cdn funds) as I saw a Canadian return address. I received the cream and two other products, moisturizer and eye cream, which I thought was odd, but there was NO OTHER documentation to indicate why etc.

Last month, I received a credit card statement with over $250 charged against my account! When I checked with my credit card company, they informed me that I had unwittingly, because it was so well HIDDEN in Abella Mayfair's (AM) website documentation, authorized to a MONTHLY subscription to these products and would continually be charged each month unless I canceled this trial within 30 days!

When I contacted AM, they informed me that I was under a monthly subscription, and since I hadn't canceled within the 30 days, I was liable for these costs AND the subscription until I canceled it. $250 for facial creams, are you kidding me? Thinking I was doing my wife a favour by getting this product on trial, has turned into a nightmare!

After I voiced my absolute disgust to AM, about their hidden subscriptions and dubious billing methodology, I immediately canceled my subscription and demanded a full refund. They canceled my account as requested and offered me a 'special exemption 50% discount' against the current charges but could not give me a total refund.

They gave me refund confirmation numbers and said they would be sending me an email confirming my subscription cancellation; to date, I have received nothing! I then contacted my credit card company to ensure no further charges would be authorized to AM. CONSUMER BEWARE!

I also check the company's website and they are NO LONGER accepting orders until "our products have been refined and improved"...CONSUMER BEWARE!!!

Mar 08, 2017

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