Abella Mayfair / cosmetics subscription fraud

United States
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I was stupid enough to click on the free sample cream from costco on facebook. It said that I will just pay the postage and I gave them my credit card number for it. The product arrived shortly after. I didn't use it because it looked fake. Then I noticed my credit card being charged over $130 cad.
I called the credit card company and they gave me a number to call to cancel the subscription [protected]). I asked to cancel and they cancelled the subscription right away but said that I would not get my money back as my trial period had ended on jan 9/2017. I ordered the product on dec 25/2016 and I can't remember when I got the product but of course it said nothing about the subscription or the trial period. My credit card was charged on jan 9 and the posted date was jan 10. I would have had no knowledge to cancel during the trial period anyway! I'm going to alert facebook and costco about this and hope this comment prevents others from making the same mistake and making this fraud company fat!

Feb 6, 2017

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