Abella Mayfairbeauty products

A Nov 16, 2017

I ordered two free samples( cost me shipping) and two other products at a discounted price. I then saw that this company was scamming people and instantly cancelled my orders. They had instantly debited the payments from my account. I sent an email informing them that I was cancelling my order and that considering my order could not have yet been filled or shipped (it was 4.30am in Canada) I expected a full refund to be made within 3-4 working days. They sent me an email stating my order had been fully cancelled and I would receive a full refund within 2-4 working days. Well that was in the 7th November and despite sending another five emails the money has not been refunded. Tonight I gave sent another 2 emails stating that due to their less than honourable business practices I would be starting litigation. I then received an email stating they had already made the refund and to contact my credit card provider. Thing is I paid via debit card and have checked my account every day. ( no refund to he seen). I then sent another email about half an hour ago telling them that and that I had found through research that there is a scam alert about them and many people in my position due to their business practices. I told them that I would be reporting them to the better business bureau and starting litigation against them as of today.
I have always been a very alert person when it comes to potentially being scammed. I am more than peeved off that this has been going on for so long and with so many victims. Why has this company not been charged with defrauding people and legally held accountable???

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