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In nov 2016 I signed up for a free trail of abella mayfair wrinkle cream, I thought for 4.95 s/h I would try it, along with another cream by beauty skin london for $5.44 s/h. When I received my credit card statement in december, I found they had charged me $122.36 for the abella mayfair cream & $123.32 for the beauty skin london cream. The advertisement was not clear as to the terms of canceling or advising them before they automatically billed for the full amount.

In addition they auto shipped the cream again & charged my credit card for another $124.83

I contacted them, they said they cancelled the auto ship & gave me a return authorization number to ship the 2nd shipment of cream back but they would not amend any previous bill amounts. Okay, I accept that I should have been more careful in making a purchase that was too good to be true. I accept to pay the cost of the two creams ordered in november.

The 2nd shipment of cream was received at their north york location on jan 6, 2016 but they have yet to credit my card. Canada post tracking no. [protected]

I have called them numerous times from jan 13th to jan 16th to confirm when they will be crediting my acct. , & they tell me they will transfer me to their billing dept. , but all they are doing is placing me on hold indefinitely or in some cases they disconnected the call. I also left a voice message as their message says they will call back. I have not received a call back.

I am concerned that their lack of customer care will not result in me getting a credit at all... I request they give me a credit for the full amount of $124.83 charged to my credit card on dec 26, 2016 & any other amounts they may have billed since that date. And confirmation they have deleted my credit acct information from their database.

Subscription no. 725f77ee33

Jan 16, 2017

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