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I have contacted your company to no avail. i saw your offer on the computer and considered doing it. Instead of pursuing it i backed out of the offer on the computer. I noticed on my bank account today January 26/16 that you took $134.91 out of my account, on further checking we noticed you also took out $5.45 earlier in January. I have NOT received ANYTHING. Nor do I want anything. I called your company and they say until I send back the product they claim I received, they will not refund my monies. I work 8-5 every day, I don't care if they say the mail was delivered, I didn't receive it, and I am not a liar and don't appreciate being called one. I didn't receive anything.
My name is Brenda Leflar [protected] in Lethbridge, Alberta. I will be pursuing this with the Better Business Bureau and whoever else I have to if I don't get my money back. Your a rip off company.

You say to avoid using CAPS letters or abusive language, obviously you have had a problem or problems.

Jan 26, 2017

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