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I signed up for a free trial of 90 second wrinkle control product on December 6, 2016 and paid $3.95 for so called shipment fee. On top of that order the company charged me additional $4.95 shipment fee for a maximum moister product, that i never ordered, and shipped both products to me in one box!!! and 14 days later on December 21 and 23 they charged for them $99.95 and $89.95 accordingly. Then, they charged me again on January 6 and 7th for those 2 new products and shipped them separately. First of all, i never ordered moisturizer, and second of all, they charged me too early. According to their policy, they will send me the product 30 days after they charge me for the first time, and they charged me 2 weeks later again, on January 6 and &???? First they charged, then they shipped. And the charges on credit card appear from two different companies, dewskin and pearlskin????? And strangely enough, Abella Mayfair does not provide you with any account number of yours?! This free trail scam is the trick the get to know your visa number, so they can bill you for the product you have never ordered and bill for additional product before they even allowed, according to their policy. It says, they can ship and charge you again for a new supply 30 days after the first charges. And they charged again after 2 weeks. And now they closed their website for so called new customers, in order to serve the old ones. The SCAM of the century!

Jan 25, 2017
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  • Ma
      26th of Jan, 2017

    cantact facebook and lodge complaint with them, maybe help get it off theirservice, i have same problemand credit company says they can not legally hold or reverse charges, just try to cancell contract, no phone or web site ??? CANCELL YOUR CREDIT CARD, FINAL ANSWER

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