Abella Mayfair / 90 second wrinkle control - unauthorized credit card charges


I ordered a free trial of this wrinkle control that was on Facebook - Shark Tank back in December and paid for the shipping just under $5. When I got my next credit card bill I had an additional charge from them of $137.22. I tried many times to get hold of someone at that company and when I finally did she told me that it was a subscription I signed up for and had only 14 days to cancel and because it was past the 14 days she could not refund me my money. What a horrible scam... a very sneaky company and I can't believe the number of people this is happening to and nothing can be done to make this company responsible. I will be cancelling my credit card and hope people will see all these complaints before they fall into this bull ### scam

Jan 24, 2017

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