AARP Services / tax help

I did all the appropriate things. I typed in my zip code and found location choices. I found one that was on my way to work and that said no appointments necessary but I did call the phone number listed. I left a voice mail about making an
Appointment. My call was returned the next day. I was told I could not go to that location once she found out what city I lived in. I thought it was my choice from what was listed on your site. If not then only one, the closest to me, should have appeared and not several.

She wanted to argue with me and tried referring me to several other locations because she thought I should go to. I didn't want to go to them. I explained to her that in order make this appointment I needed to take time off from work and this site was closer to my work. She still want to argue with me that I could not go to that location.
In my opinion it was my choice to go where I wanted from the locations listed on your website.

Therefore this free service that I was entitled to cost me because I had to find a place that would help me and I had to pay for the services that I could have received free from aarp. Also, more lost wages because of the amount of time I was required to take off work for this appointment.
Very dissatisfied member!

Mar 16, 2017

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